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Selection to Navy Career Counselor Recruiter Force

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Most respected members; through this application I at this moment wish to submit my sincere interest for selection in the Navy Counselor Recruiting Force. I hope to be strong in elucidating my conviction that I got all that it takes for the selection in the recruiting. My vast experience, ethics as well as passion makes me an exceptional candidate to take the position of a Career Recruiting Force member.
The decision to switch to Career Recruiting Force is one of my personal commitment; I am convinced beyond doubts that my seven years in the Navy has shaped my professionalism and equipped me with vital tools to excel in the recruiting field.
Since I joined the Navy in the year (insert the year here) and had been assigned to the (insert your department here) department, I have become a good cash manager, an experienced leader and a team player that I celebrate today. Straight from the first day I met the chief recruiting officer, I was very inspired by the interaction. This made me totally change my view of how I perceived the recruiting staffs. The openness and trustworthiness that was expressed to me made me feel that I completely need to be part of the recruiting force. I spent some time in his office where he jokingly gave me some tasks to man a little chain of his daily chores. I attended the soldiers under his instructions, and I was overwhelmed by the good relationship the office had with its clients. In the first place customer satisfaction was the key point; all the people who came to the office entered smiling and left even happier.

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This was because all their requests were handled to their satisfaction. This drove me into thinking that this is what I was made for, to serve the people with dedication and exceed their expectations in excellence. I started to develop the interest in recruiting the world and the urge was driven by the love that someone should experience the same from me.
In the Navy, I was assigned the duties and responsibilities of (insert the first job) for five years. For the past two years, have been in the Navy as a recruiter. I feel like someone who has accomplished all that pertains to life. The opportunities as well as the experiences that the job offers is explicitly the one no Navy officer can afford to miss. In my last six months in the Navy career, I have been assigned the responsibility of a Petty Officer of NRS Plymouth, MA. As a leader Petty officer I always wanted to stand out above all my colleagues so as to reap all the benefits that come with the training and knowledge acquisition. My short courses that I took within the previous years in leadership and management assisted me a lot in developing outstanding leadership qualities. This made me the only available project management expert who was resourceful and highly respected. For this reason, I served in several management consultant commissions both in the Navy and in various governmental offices. The responsibilities bestowed to me challenged me as well as building me; this made me even stronger since I developed a strong self-confidence that is a quality contributing to my success in the recruiting arena.
Through my personal experiences and opportunities I have had in my Navy career, I have enabled my station to accomplish a plethora of missions successfully. This made the station rated the Third best in the country from a poor ranking of twelve. I find much of satisfaction in my career that I attribute to three personal values that guide me. I believe in zeal for ambition; I have dreams that always run through my mind, and I work my best to fulfill them. Also, I am driven by creativity and innovation. I always try to come up with new ways of doing things in a manner that offers best results. Thirdly, I value reliability; this is why I trust on timely delivery, trustworthy and honesty as well as offering satisfaction.
In closing, I wish to express my highest aspiration to be selected and converted to the Navy Counsellor Career Recruiting Force community. This will assist me to continue to develop as a manager, a Petty officer, and a leader. It is my ultimate belief that as I continue to get more and more benefits from being selected to be part of Career Recruiting Force community; I also retain my responsibility to train as well as lead my peers and recruiters that I will interact with in future. I won’t find satisfaction in being an expert only in my field but being a respectable and trusted team player will be my pleasure too. I wish to inspire others since I have grown as a result of the enlightenment from others. I would honor and value it a big privilege to join the Navy Counselor Career Recruiting Force.
Thank you
Very respectfully
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