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Senior Year Reflection

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At last, I’m a senior: A reflection on my Senior Year
To be a senior is not easy, it is a road on which we partake, starting from Junior High, up to Middle School, and finally High school. What many people fails to realize is that we change a lot through those years. In our teens, every year counts, and in a year I might not be the same I am now. This is why this particular stage is so important. In the same way, not in vain our fathers and teachers tell us that we are going to remember this year so fondly.
What concerns me the most is not being able of seeing my friends the way I do now, We all are going to choose different things and after this year I know that it might pass some time until we meet again, and it is not going to be the same. That is why I am trying to seize the day and live these days at the fullest possible, so I can say with no regrets that I truly enjoyed my senior year. Concerning those little perks that being a senior student give me, I must say that I would be fine without them, but they feel great, they are a token of everything I have accomplished so far. I think I will miss many of the activities I currently partake, but honestly, I am more excited about the road ahead of me. To the freshmen, I can tell them to enjoy their last years, to not to stress so much on petty things, and try to earn good grades in order to advance in school, and have the opportunity to go to a good college. Besides that, all I can say is that despite the road ahead of me, I will always think fondly of high school.

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