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Short Paper: Technology and Data Extraction Techniques

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Technology and Data Extraction Techniques
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Technology and Data Extraction in Healthcare
Various technologies are utilized for the Health Information Exchange. The techniques include the Directed exchange, query-based exchange, and the consumer medicated exchange.
Directed Exchange
The technology provides the healthcare givers with a secure way of sending and receiving information. Some of the data to be shared by the healthcare providers include the laboratory results, summaries of the discharges as well as valuable information regarding healthcare services (Wendel & Edberg, 2015). The transmission involves the transfer across a network through encryption techniques as well as the reliable messaging. The secure connection reduces the network threats such as cybercrimes which may affect the integrity of the information.
Query Based Exchange
The technology provides the healthcare providers with a platform to request specific information from other healthcare providers. The information is useful for the emergency approaches or the unplanned events (Magruder, 2010). The medical practitioner can inquire information regarding a particular patient such as the history of the diagnosis process.
Consumer Mediated Exchange
The technology provides the patients with the ability to manage the health records across a network. It is essential in helping the patients offer other healthcare providers with their private information on healthcare (Magruder, 2010).

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However, the patients can participate in rectifying the inaccurate data from the information resources.
Information Extraction
Data mining methods are useful for extracting data from the Health Information Exchange Technologies. Data extraction can be enhanced by the pushing as well as the pulling techniques. Data mining software can also be used for the data extraction (Walker, 2005). The software filters provide the critical data required by the system user.
Data Analysis
Provision of high-quality data through data extraction enhances the data analytics. Use of Data analysis software such as SPSS can help in providing quality data analytics (Everson, 2017). However, the use of knowledge-based systems can assist in improving the patient’s outcomes. The systems support the decision-making process and providing the remedies to particular challenges.
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