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The US Healthcare Systems

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Dennis Quaid’s video on Chasing Zero focuses on the primary ill-gotten situations in the medical healthcare operations in the US at present. It could be understood that somehow, the personal experience of Quaid as he fights for the life of his twins has caused him to be more interested in becoming more involved in improving the general situation of the medical care systems in the US at present. In the presentation, it has been pointed out that a larger degree of healthcare malpractice comes from the assumption of developmental failures in training institutions handling the assumptive form of insistence on how US healthcare practitioners are further equipped with the education they need in order to carry on their distinct points of responsibilities especially in relation to the protection they ought to give their patients.

Aiming to get the attention of the authorities, this video tends to represent a campaign at large that would definitely create a massive impact on how organizations dedicated to healthcare excellence in the US ought to give attention to how they handle their personnel training needs and how much they invest in the process of development they ought to incur. What makes chasing zero a compelling presentation is that it is highly concerned with getting the attention of the right people in order for the goal of the campaign to be relatively real and realizable.

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