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TITLE: Patient Centered Care and Bedside Reporting: A Family Approach to Holistic Nursing and Personal Satisfaction in Acute Neuroscience Rehabilitation Unit

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Name of the Student
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Research Proposal
9th December, 2015
We are apprised of the fact that your esteemed organization encourages research in the field of patient satisfaction and benefits, especially who are challenged with special needs. From a preliminary review of your category of grants, it seems that, we are eligible for such funding. Our application for the research grant is based on the proposed study “Patient Centered Care and Bedside Reporting: A Family Approach to Holistic Nursing and Personal Satisfaction in Acute Neuroscience Rehabilitation Unit.”
As you are aware, that Patient-Centric approach has been recognized and endorsed through various studies and guidelines, for ensuring positive health outcomes in critically ill patients. However, few studies have been done in Neuroscience Rehabilitation Units, regarding the impact of patient-centric care and health outcomes in patients. Individuals who are admitted in these units are challenged with diverse health care needs, and the major issue is the communication gap with healthcare providers in expressing their need.
Neurosciences Rehabilitation units sustain patients with cognitive deficits and dementia. These patients are unable to express their needs to the health care providers which often impact their health outcomes. Building patient-centric approaches like personal relationship with patients, helps to assess and estimate the health care needs of such challenged individuals.

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Therefore, nurses in such units may play a vital role in supporting the therapeutic interventions extended to these patients. Moreover, such patients cannot comply or adhere to treatment guidelines consistently when there is a change in the care provider. This leads to the important aspect of shift of duty in nurses and holistic care approach in a patient. Hence, the goal of the study would also help to understand the dynamics of shift change and patient compliance with treatment guidelines (Radtke 19-25).
The study will help “Hospital for Joint Diseases” (who is one of your funding agencies), to provide a better quality of healthcare and better patient experiences which may help to elevate their image in the competitive healthcare market. It would also provide a roadmap for various Neurosciences Rehabilitation Units across the world. Further, the study will help to evaluate the qualitative attributes, which nursing personnel must develop while extending care in these types of settings.
Neuroscience Rehabilitation Units are accessed by patients for chronic treatments. Therefore, it is necessary to engage a patient through a relationship and just not be a therapeutic perspective only. The potential sponsors (who provide funding to your organization) will be benefitted from the study because they would be apprised of the value added services that must be incorporated in order to ensure the profitability of the health care organization. Since health is such a sensitive issue, prospective clients will try to access transparent, effective, safe and empathetic health care services at cost effective packages.
The study would be qualitative study and will evaluate the feedback from patients regarding the quality of care provided. This interview form would be handed over to the patients in their discharge summary papers and their responses would be done through qualitative analysis. The funding that is sought would cover the hiring of a Statistician, Clinical Trial Specialist, Clinical Data Operator and one Site assistant. The details of the study protocol are attached for your kind reference.
We are sincerely optimistic on your reply and await your approval for the aforementioned funding. If you have any query with the detailed research proposal as attached with this application, please revert through mail or contact us at xxxxxxxx. Looking forward to your ever lending co-operation.
Works Cited
Radtke, K. Improving patient satisfaction with nursing communication using bedside shift
report. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 27.1(2012):pp.19-25

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