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To What Extent Are Homicidal Tendencies Environmental in Adolescents

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Homicidal Tendencies Environmental in Adolescents
The rationale behind an adolescent’s homicidal tendencies can be intricate. Even though these tendencies are moderately uncommon amongst kids, the rates increase enormously in puberty (McCarthy 19). During adolescence, kids can be easily influenced and the environment a teen grows up in can significantly impact their homicidal tendencies. One environmental factor that may prompt homicidal tendencies in teens is the easy access to lethal means counting drugs and guns. The homicidal risk factor goes up significantly when teenagers can quickly get hold of a gun especially in their homes, and about 60% of all homicides in America are committed with a firearm. Another quite popular method used by teens to commit murder is overdose by use of non-prescription and prescribed medication and over the counter drugs. Most teens like to party, and thus overdose is more likely to happen in teens, and this can be used in homicides as it will most likely be ruled as suicide instead of homicide (Glick 144). Furthermore, research demonstrates that homicidal tendencies vary among girls and boys. Girls contemplate or commit murder about twice as frequently as boys. However, boys are more prone to homicide more than girls; conceivably it could be because boys are highly likely to use more deadly techniques like guns. Boys are also very violent and can lash out in anger quickly than girls.
Other environmental factors that may prompt homicidal tendencies in adolescents incorporate extended stress like joblessness, harassment, relationship issues or bullying.

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Distressing occasions such as loss, rejection, and other major transitions in life, financial misfortunes, or divorce can be a homicide risk factor for adolescents. Lastly, exposure to violence in the community or media violence or aggression can often prompt a teenager to have homicidal tendencies.

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