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Two obituaries in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln’s Obituary
Abraham Lincoln Obituary (16th of April 1865)
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, 1809 and died on 15th of April 1865 at the age of 56. He was the second child of three born by Nancy Hanks, his mother, and Thomas Lincoln his Father (Ledwith, 2015). His siblings were Sarah, who was the first born and Thomas, the third born that died as an infant. Lincoln was born in Kentucky where he lived for ten years before moving to Indiana, a non-slaveholding territory where his family were members of a separate Baptist church that was part of Abrahams religious background given they did not support slavery, dancing, drinking, and had restrictive moral standards.
Lincoln got married to Mary Todd, on 4th November 1842 whose four children having one surviving son by the name Robert that had a child as well, Lincoln’s last descendants name Robert Todd Lincoln Bekwith. Lincoln bought a house in Springfield near his law office where he lived with his family as he worked as a lawyer (Ledwith, 2015). He then served in the Illinois military for three months as a captain for his first rank which after he got discharged from his command and re-enlisted as a private for the remaining two months. He served in the Black Hawk War.
Lincoln’s first campaigned in the year 1860 and won after which he got inaugurated to the presidency. His accomplishment in his first term from the civil war where he waged war emancipating the proclamation of the Gettysburg Address bringing the 13th Amendment.

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His second inauguration as president he addressed his plan for reconstruction, his death cut his second term short. Lincoln lived a fruitful life from humble beginning to accomplishing great feats; he is truly an example to us all.
Abraham Lincoln’s memorial Obituary (16th of April 2015)
President Abraham Lincoln has been truly one of the best presidents of all time in the American history as seen from his achievements made. Not only was he a good leader, but also his character and personality was unique where he would be humorous that showed signs of humility, his great soul demonstrated by his many pardons and his sorrowful demeanour being an image of the burdens of being a leader on his own.
Lincoln commitment to preserving the Union ensured that democracy was vindicated no matter the consequence that saved the Union. Slavery was also ended through his patience, strategic timing, shrewd calculations and firm resolves (Clegg, 2012). A better union was then formed regarding economic equality and liberty that gained the citizens trust in him. His understanding that success in a visionary and purposeful presidential leadership as well as using acceptable political means, his legacy left a whole and free United States as it is today.
After his death although the legacy of his authority did not live long but his achievements he made lived on to this very day. This achievements being the union, democracy getting vindicated, and the end of slavery were all accomplished only by his capability to handling the crisis in a manner that would have been unsuccessful by lesser men (Clegg, 2012). The greatest achievement yet was his ability to mobilize and concentrate all energy of the nation into bringing forth the countries citizens to appeal to their ideas while in the chase of more just and more perfect and more resistant UNION. In comparison to other presidents, there hasn’t been any that has experienced a bigger crisis let alone been able to make so many accomplishments.

Clegg, C. (2012). Abraham Lincoln: Moses or Pharoah?. Diplomatic History, 36(5), 919-921.
Ledwith, S. (2015). Review of ‘Founders’ Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln’. Reviews In History.

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