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After the United States’ civil war, there was an industrial revolution that greatly contributes in the urbanization of the United States. It also helped in shaping the economy since the industrialization generated a lot of income and revenue.
Urbanization can be described as a shift of population to the urban areas from the rural areas. It is an increase that is gradual in the proportion of the people that are living in the urban areas. It predominantly leads to a growth that is physical in the urban areas. The industrial revolution refers to the period in which new processes of manufacturing products were developed. The revolution established more dramatic transformations in the society. The agricultural revolution greatly contributed to the industrial revolution. That is because it influenced the landless people to move to the towns in order to get employed thus earning their wages. These people helped in providing the labor force that was needed in the manufacturing towns that were expanding at a high rate.
Aspects that influenced the economy, society, and politics
Technology: After the civil war, mane advancements were made in technology. Some of the advancements could help in making most of the work easier and that was very important since it helped a lot in the industrialization thus creating a good economy for the United States (Grant, 1973 p12).
Entrepreneurship: With the agricultural revolution, many people had turned into entrepreneurs.

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That also resulted to a class of entrepreneurs that were very wealthy and their activities were very successful thus they contributed in developing the society of the United States and the economy as well.
Transport and communication: Another aspect is good forms of communication and transport. There were good forms through which people could move from one place to another and that ensures that they were able to transport their agricultural produce the markets. Good transport ensured that agriculture succeeded thus it contributed a great deal in influencing the economy of the United States.
Groups that were affected by industrialization
Farmers: One of the reasons why they were affected is because the country turned from an agricultural nation to an industrial nation (Rooke, 1971 p36). The nation’s economy had previously relied on agriculture but that had changed since it now put more focus on industrialization. The industrial revolution also put a stop to slavery thus the farmers did not have people to work on their lands thus they had to do it themselves. Therefore, the industrial revolution had a negative effect to the farmers.
Immigrants: The immigrants were also affected by industrialization since they could now be employed and earn a living. However, the industrialization greatly contributed to their discrimination since their wages were very low compared to those of the Americans.
Women: Before the civil war women could only stay at home and take care of the homes. However, with the industrialization they could be employed in factories where they could work and earn a living. Women also started improving on their status since they could now earn their money thus they could stay as they wanted.
Children: One of the reasons is because there was child labor thus they could be overworked at the factories and their wages were very low (Grayson, 2011 p44). They were also denied the chance to get educated since they were always working.
Slaves: The slaves were also affected by the industrialization since they could no longer be slaves. They could also earn money for the work that they did.
African Americans: Industrialization also affected the African Americans since the discrimination had decreased and they could now work together with the white people. They also got to be employed where they could earn money.
Effects of industrialization on the ordinary people
Affected social life: One of the ways is that people had o migrate to areas where there were factories and industries. In those places they knew no one thus their social life was affected in a way.
Affected living conditions: Their living conditions were very poor since they were overpopulated in small areas that did not have good sewerage systems and the environmental conditions in those areas were not good. The housing systems in those areas were also not so good thus people basically lived in slums.
Affected working conditions: The conditions of work were also affected by industrialization. That is because there were poor working conditions and the wages were also very low for the people. People were also overworked in those factories yet they were paid very little money.
Decreased expenditure: Since most of the things were produced in the industries, people could now buy products at prices that were cheaper thus their expenditure decreased at a very high rate.
Rise of a wealthy class: There developed a class of wealthy people especially for the workers that were given the position of managing since they could receive a higher pay than the rest.
Conclusion: In conclusion, it is evident that industrialization had many effects in the United States. Some of the impacts were positive while others were negative. However, industrialization contributed a lot in the development of the United States economy.
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