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Why am I a good candidate for this Scholarship

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Why Am I A Good Candidate For This Scholarship?
I take this opportunity to apply for the scholarship for Bootybarre Fitness training as offered by 24 Hour fitness. I am a great candidate to be offered this scholarship since I possess many qualities that shall be beneficial to 24 Hour fitness if I get trained by Bootybarre Fitness training. I have effective non-verbal and verbal techniques that shall assist me in grasping the concepts that I shall be trained on if offered the scholarship. On the same note, I have a wide exposure to international public relations. Therefore, the exposure will give me an opportunity to interact well with the tutors, staff and the other qualified candidates in Bootybarre. Consequently, this will give an opportunity to learn more about the different fitness skills that shall be essential to 24 Hour fitness when I wind up the course and come back to the company.
I worked with Zumba dance program for four years; this gave me an opportunity to gain experience in fitness about dancing. I have been dancing ballet, jazz, and contemporary for fifteen years, and this gave me an opportunity to be a pro in ballet. Therefore, this gives me an upper hand to be offered the scholarship since Bootybarre is a class based on the ballet barre. I also teach classes at 24-hour fitness. Hence, this has given me a wide experience in the area of fitness and dancing styles. I have also acquired many safety guidelines that are necessary for injury prevention.

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Therefore, this will give me an upper hand in handling cases when an injury has taken place during the training process through offering first aid skills. In a nutshell, I shall be glad if I am considered for the offer of the internship.

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