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Worcester Cold Storage Fire.

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Worcester Cold Storage Fire
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Six firefighters lost their lives in a six-floor storage warehouse while they were searching for two homeless individuals. The homeless people had started the fire accidentally on the second floor of the house before leaving. This incident has made the firefighter department to come up with policies that are aimed at ensuring such an event does not recur. In this excerpt, I will examine the ten key changes that have been made to the firefighter operations due to the Worcester cold storage case.
The Ten Major Changes to the Firefighter Operations Due to the Worcester Cold Storage Case
Some of the changes that have been made in the operation of the firefighters include ensuring that the incident command maintains a connection with all the personnel during the process of extinguishing fire to ensure that none is facing danger. Firefighters have also started using thermal imaging camera in locating lost fighters and other people who may be in the fire environs. Also, the firefighters form a rapid intervention team on arriving at the fire scene (NIOSH, 2014). On addition, the fire department has embarked on a process of updating the file information on all the buildings in their communities.
The firefighters have launched a campaign of placing warning placards to the entrance doorways and other openings where firefighters can enter. The firefighters are also required to use the mask rule as required by the administrative department.

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The firefighting department has also adopted the marking system while conducting their searches. The firefighting department is required to ensure that their incident command systems are fully operational and are implemented when a fire occurs. The fire service personnel are also required to initiate life-saving measures at the fire scene with an aim of dealing with emergencies (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 1999). The firefighters are also required to ensure that the standard operating procedures and the required equipment are adequate.
If the firefighter implements these ten changes, it will prevent cases of losing lives at the fire scenes. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all these changes are followed by the firefighters in their operations.
NIOSH. (2014, October 15). Six Career Fire Fighters Killed in Cold-Storage and Warehouse Building Fire – Massachusett. Retrieved December 11, 2015, from Department of Homeland Security. (1999). Abandoned Cold Storage Warehouse MultiFirefighter Fatality Fire. Retrieved from

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