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Acceptance into graduate school

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Admission Essay
Biology is one of the few fields of study that has evolutionized human race. During the dark ages, the causes and symptoms of various pathogenic diseases and infection were more than an enigma waiting to be solved. In my view, biological sciences also has quite a diversity ranging from microbiology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and marine biology.
The very field of study has fascinated me since my high school days and it has provided me with an outlook to create a difference in redefining teaching perspectives for students. In this regard, I have also attained an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of South Alabama. The expertise of my mentors and my personal motivation has allowed me to look for different perspectives of biology. However, my aim was to induce a change in biological curriculum that included allowing the students to take much interest in biology. In order to achieve that, I have attained certification for teaching high school students. From time to time, I have developed different presentations and conducted interactive activities for students to enhance their learning outlooks. As part of my services in completing 15 years of teaching different subjects including, Anatomy, Marine Biology, AP Biology, Biology I and II, I have been awarded with an accolade of STAR teacher and the most inspirational teacher by several students.
However, my thirst for attaining knowledge has led me toward pursuing my graduation degree at Mississippi State University.

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The very attraction of biological diversity of Mississippi Gulf Coast would provide me a better chance to integrate my technical learning with my educational goals. Teaching and creating a difference in my students’ lives is my core aim and my true inspiration for earning Masters Degree in General Biology. It would also provide me with an enhanced degree of expertise in different technical domains and hence, impacting the societal outlooks of biological studies at large.

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