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Sociological Imagination Assignment

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Sociological Imagination Assignment
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Sociological Imagination Assignment
More than 10 million people suffer from bulimia or anorexia. These are serious eating disorders. People feel that these disorders provide a roadmap for their acceptance in the society. Nonetheless, they end up suffering from pain, emotional harm, and in extreme cases death. That begs the question whether these disorders are personal problems or are influenced by the society. The root cause of eating disorders is undermined, but the social media and the internet play a significant role in driving this narrative. The society, via social media platforms, portrays a thin body as an ideal, and, therefore, contributes to this vice. In this context, eating disorder is caused by a larger societal issue which is driven by the society via social platforms.
Social media is where the communities’ interest is formed, especially in the 21st Century. Photos of people with concave stomachs, protruding ribs and undesirable legs are shared online. The unattractive pictures are always accompanied by messages like “skip lunch and be thin.” In this approach, eating disorders are thriving due to the information people are exposed to via the internet and the social media platforms. More alarming is how young women are pushed into this vice in a bid to live up to the expectation of the society (Perloff, 2014).
Sociology implies that many problems stem from societal aspects. As discussed, it is evident that the society drives many people into eating disorders.

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Bulimia and anorexia are entrenched in the societal structure. The social order, therefore, accounts for the problems these people experience. Eating disorder continues to terrify the society in general, and it is difficult to determine who is suffering. The condition affects both the victim and the people around them. Sociology can be used to highlight the impact of the society on these types of vices. Nonetheless, everyone must be cautious with the actions on social media, especially at a time where the internet is a way of life for many people across the globe.
Perloff, R. M. (2014). Social Media Effects on Young Women’s Body Image Concerns: Theoretical Perspectives and an Agenda for Research. Sex Roles, 71(11-12), 363-377.

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