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three cultures of particular interest to you personally and search the Internet for information regarding these cultures and their communication traditions. How might this new information be applied t

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The world is diverse, and this is based on the differences in cultural identity. Culture represents aspects such as customs ideas and social behavior that are specific to a group of people. They also represent the nature of the interactions of people with themselves and their environment. Culture influences health by incorporating elements of perception about western medicine. Every culture has its long history of health, and modern health care is based on western civilization. The perception of health by a particular culture is thus based on how it has accepted, adopted and used western medicine. Aspects of culture that influence health include, spirituality, religion and tradition (Paediatric Society, 2018).
An excellent example of culture in the world is the Islamic culture. This is a cultural group that is mostly represented by the Islamic religion. Its communication is unique because religion plays a critical part. It includes influences from scriptures of the Quran founded by religious aspects of sanctity, cleanliness of mind and heart, prestige, honor, and faithfulness. Regarding healthcare, Muslims have high regard for the sanctity of life which is represented by their high need to maintain good mental and physical health. However, several aspects influence how they get health care, and they include aspects such as gender. Men prefer being treated by men while women by women. This is one among many examples of the influences of the Islamic culture on their access to healthcare.

Wait! three cultures of particular interest to you personally and search the Internet for information regarding these cultures and their communication traditions. How might this new information be applied t paper is just an example!

The second important culture is the Chinese culture which is considered one of the oldest civilizations of the world being as old as five thousand years old. It is a unique culture because of the significant influences of Chinese customs and tradition which profoundly differs from aspects of western cultural understanding. The Chinese culture is an amalgamation of its religion, philosophy, art, and politics that has lived for millennia and managed to retain its identity until the dawn of western culture. Its communication is also unique and is characterized by factors of collective thinking reflective of its culture and society. Another aspect is their perspective of time for which they use to overcome everything. For the Chinese culture alternative medicine which is traditional medicine has always worked for them and still. Some of their traditions have also been accepted as part of modern medicine. The firm belief in their alternative medicine can influence their access to healthcare especially when it does not incorporate their traditional value regarding medicine (Paediatric Society, 2018).
The last example of the world culture is the African culture which is based on the different countries of the African continent. It is varied and expressed in the form of art, traditional beliefs, religion, music, dance cuisine and many other. Its communication is profoundly influenced by tradition, religion as well as collective thinking which is of the African identity. Strong beliefs in traditions, religion and spiritually can sometimes hinder and limit their access to modern medicine (Paediatric Society, 2018).
The above represents three different cultures. They all have different perceptions of modern medicine and this is mainly based on how western culture has influenced them. Modern medicine is mostly based on western culture and for successful acceptance, adoption, and use, it has to incorporate aspects from different cultures of the world.

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