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Agriculture and human civilization

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Adoption of agriculture resulted in a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the urge for people to live in harmony led to the creation of structures of governance. Therefore, some people were chosen to lead others. The second consequence of agricultural adoption is that it led to specialization. People ventured into other economic activities such as trade. Thirdly, adoption of agriculture led to the emergence of language and culture within the society (Adler, Philip and Randall 12). The reason is that people lived together and shared common elements and beliefs which united them together.
Agricultural adoption resulted in the division of labor. Social inequality became common as some people took advantage of the situation to improve their economic status.
Agriculture contributed significantly towards depersonalization of knowledge systems. For instance, writing developed. Also, non-portable art and architecture became common as people starting spending much time developing their ideas.
Adoption of agriculture led to the increase in population. The competition for resources led to warfare.
Food security led to the emergence of densely populated areas. As a result, property ownership and rules and regulations became important with the aim of maintaining law and order (Adler, Philip and Randall 12). Diseases became common, thereby, necessitating the need for new solutions.
Adoption of agriculture resulted in the advancement of technology. For instance, the demand for firearms and steel sword increased as blacksmiths focused on efficiency.

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