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Apology Letter

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Mr. Javier Reyes,2533 W. Flower,
Fullerton, CA 92833,
13th October 2015.
5455 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 1250,
Los Angeles, California 90036.
Dear Levine,
Ref: Apology for misconduct
I wish to express my regret for not communicating with you and your office as agreed. It was not right and also disrespectful as you expected more from me as your client. I cannot alter what has already happened, but I intent to take different steps that will see us return to our normal relationship. Accept my apology.
However, I personally believe that your office should give audience to my grievances and advice accordingly to avoid such an occurrence in the future. You currently represent me on the issue of wrongful termination and not the arbitration agreement. This puts me on a balance because your coercion of me to pay for services from an expert of your choice is not ethical. I wish to state that “You have a mandate of addressing the issue of forgery, to put this case at a better place if we are to have a mutual understanding and accept my input as it affects me more” My quietness period was not in vain but has given me time to reflect and give you the opportunity to continue with the case after the consideration.
I value your input to this case and hope that you will complete the work for our mutual benefit and attain our desired goal. I want to assure you that my loyalty to provide information and support towards your expert is unquestionable and intact.

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May our future record indicate a positive encounter between us, and it’s my desire to maintain such a record.
To remedy the situation, please let’s bury the hatchet and forge forward. I sincerely reiterate my apology, and as you know we all make mistakes, but what is crucial is that we get lessons from them. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon as we continue with the case.
Yours Sincerely
Javier Reyes

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