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Welcoming new generation
The present generation of college-age and pre-college-age students possesses several distinct qualities that will both delight and challenge professionals working at different stages of the educational continuum. This is according to the authors of Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation, who is experts on the generational change in the United States.
As youths, millennial learners were influenced by a distinct variety of forces. They received the steady support from protective parents who were concerned about their safety, their education and their success in academic and extracurricular activities. Growing up in such a setting was able to instil in the millennial students various positive qualities. They learnt to be hard workers and have been socialized by their parents to achieve success in life. They have taken part in a variety of academic, extracurricular and service pursuits like offering assistance to others and tackling social concerns; it is believed that they are as generous as they are practical. In spite of the positive qualities, teachers, counsellors and administrators at both high schools and colleges have encountered challenges dealing with them. They are extremely close to their parents who play significant roles in their educational pursuits. Authors Neil Howe and William Strauss have identified the key attitudes and behaviours of the millennial generation of students now joining college. They are usually determined and respectful, follow rules, are safeguarded, are compliant and work in groups, are talented, have a high level of confidence and optimism about their future.

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First, being determined and respectful makes them responsible and conscientious students for working. Second, since they follow rules, they are less likely to be distrustful of policies, procedures and processes. Third, Millennia students are more likely to raise questions concerning their safety and welfare when acclimating to the university setting, considering they were protected and sheltered while growing up. Fourth, Millennial students have collaborated in teams on group assignments throughout their primary and secondary education, often being graded as groups. With the encouragement to be cooperative and collaborative, they are not only mutually inclusive but are also good at contributing to the success of the group.
Fifth, with the increasing succeed; they will have high expectations for their individual success as undergraduates, making them have clear goals and will actively seek assistance in attaining their objectives. Lastly, millennial students have characteristics of confidence and are optimistic about their futures. Even though the generation of students is believed to present contemporary and future challenges to education professionals, they are also considered to have significant potential for the society. Which have led to Howe and Strauss to label them the next “greatest generation”.
Unfortunately, the collective discussion of the millennial generation of students need not give the impression that all individual members of this generation have been accorded the same level of financial, personal and social support. Though a majority of the Millennial students have been brought up in the middle- and upper- class surroundings and were provided with ample opportunities, a small minority may have been reared in similar circumstances.
As the describing behaviours of this cohort of students progressively impact teaching, education and career direction at the high school and college levels. High school counsellors and college admission officers may want to carry out an evaluation and assessment of their efforts to construct and sustain connections with millennial students and their parents.

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