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aviation regulations

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Aviation Regulations
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Aviation, which involves travelling in airspace, is the most regulated industry globally. The aviation law is highly enforced and strict. It is normally related with the legal issues that cover the aircraft and airport operations. The legal issues that cover the aircraft are aircraft navigation and maintenance while the legal issues that cover the airport operations are the air traffic control safety and pilot licensing. However, the aviation law is normally enforced by the federal whereby there are some agencies that enforce regulations in the United States. This paper develops an insight on the regulations enforced by three agencies which are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). (“What is Aviation Law? – FindLaw,”)
On the other hand, this agency serves different purposes although they are correlated. For instance, Federal Aviation Administration enacts enforcing regulations by providing navigation and air traffic management services to civil and military aircraft. Therefore, all the aircrafts navigating within the United States airspace are monitored via satellite hence controlling the noise and possible accidents that may be caused by harsh climatic conditions. Also, FAA issues regulations to the manufacture by enforcing them to model an aircraft that will be in good condition and also enforce regulations on the operations and maintenance of the aircraft.

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Therefore, all the aircraft should be in good condition before procurement and while at operation. FAA also certifies airport to be in good standards for the sake of local and international travelers and airplanes and also certifies pilots who are qualified.
In the United States, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an agency that regulates aviation safety by investigating all civil aviation accidents that might have occurred. They normally conduct a thorough investigation to identify the possible cause that influenced the civil aviation accident at given particular time. Therefore, they further issue safety recommendations to the airports, manufactures and pilots to prevent future aviation accidents. Moreover, the Transportation Security Association (TSA) is an agency that was created to inspect luggage and conduct screening to passengers to prevent security threats.
In conclusion, all these regulations that are issued and enforced by the above agencies are to ensure that civil aviation in the United States is properly organized and safe.
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