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Beautiful Mind (2001)

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Beautiful Minds
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The Character’s Diagnosis concerning the DSM-IV. Make Sure To Include Two (2) Criteria That The Character Meets.
The characters diagnosis regarding the DSM-IV reveals that John Forbes Nash Jr. had the cognitive behavior of thinking critically to the extent that he made an astonishing discovery that gave him an international acclaim. The psychoanalytical diagnosis of this character is that he was arrogant but later travelled a harrowing journey to the award of a Nobel peace prize.
One (1) Perspective(S) Of Mental Illness That Best Explains the Development of the Character’s Symptoms, Along With Two (2) Facts to Support the Position.
The mental illness that developed the symptoms of John Forbes Nash Jr was schizophrenia that took his mind slowly leaving his life scrambling apart. The perspective of this mental illness is the move by John Forbes Nash Jr to abandon his students and alienate his colleagues only to replace the wonderful research he was undertaking with an all-consuming obsession that is fruitless. Facts to support this position is the application of electric shock therapy together with regular medication in an attempt to repair his life thus bringing him to a stable condition. Secondly, the character is introverted, dismissive and socially inept of his colleagues at the workplace ( Kai-Rogers, 2012).
The Treatment Received By the Character and Reasons That You Would Recommend a Similar Treatment.
John Forbes Nash Jr received an agonizing insulin shock therapy to improve from a mental condition and re-enter the academic world.

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The treatment John Forbes Nash Jr received is recommended because it is effective in helping one come out of a mental condition and go back to a normal condition. Besides, it helps mental people have the courage to regain conscious within a short period. If the character did not receive treatment, then counselling and brain surgery would be an alternative form of treatment because it would have helped to remove completely the mental illness from John Forbes Nash Jr. (Bearzi & Stanford, 2013).

Bearzi, M., & Stanford, C. B. (2008). Beautiful Minds: The Parallel Lives of great apes and
dolphins. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press.
Kai-Rogers, V. B. (2012). Crevices of beautiful minds, crevasses of beautiful souls: “bright,
bold, brutal and beautiful”. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press.



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