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Behavior Problems of Children and Solutions

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Behavior Problems of Children and Solutions
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Behavior Problems of Children and Solutions
Kazdin, A. (2008). The Kazdin Method of Parenting the Defiant Child with No Pills, No Therapy, No Contest of will. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
This book based on the research of the writer, Kazdin, help parents to understand and help their children as they grow and interact with members of the society. The researcher has removed all the doubts that come along with myths and unreliable misconceptions that young people can engage in as they try to fit to the society. Kazdin is experienced in Child Psychiatry and Psychology; this makes him well conversant with the topic and has featured in many talks shows to share his views.
The researcher is an enthusiast in child development and is very aware of the consequences that might arise during parenting. The author has detailed information that will help a guardian in solving problems that their young ones might undergo and has a lot of solution to apply when they want to assist.
Solutions in Psychology Inc. (2015). Positive Parenting: Research-Based Techniques to Manage Common Behavior Problems. Solutions in psychology Inc. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “”
The company helps parents to guide their children in doing positive things and not engaging in bad behavior like drugs, sex, cheating, tempers tantrums and biting.

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The documentation also has provided advice to the guardians on how to solve challenges that their young ones face since when they are toddlers to adolescence. The experts in the organization provide outstanding knowledge that helps them to answer most questions that parents ask during seminars and workshops.
The psychologist has vast knowledge on how to take good care of children making it very easy in helping them grow. Young people need to be engaged in constructive activities as stipulated in the website so that they can know how to interact with the rest of the society. Every problem that a growing individual face is mostly triggered by external stimuli that if well studied, will help in preventing further occurrence.
Greene, R. (2014). The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children. New York: HarperCollins
This book helps parents to understand to respond to their children as they grow. The researcher has explained in detail some of the characteristics a young person can display and how to solve them. Greene is the founder of the Proactive and Collaborative Solutions model (CPS); this has made him interact with many people to learn how they nurture their children.
The writer is well knowledgeable when it comes to handling of children, and he will most likely have solutions to every problem that may occur. The attitude the author has towards parents has helped hi, to interact with many individuals that will help in analyzing new behavioral challenges that the young humans undergo.

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