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Brainstorming (Final project provided)

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Case study Brainstorming
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Colorado College students and Minimal Exercising
Physical exercise have declined over the past decades with preference to sedentary lifestyles. Physical activity is directly linked to improved physical and mental performance and overall life enjoyment. In a Colorado case study, the proportion or of overweight children and obese adults have increased with decreased physical activity (Sutherland, 2005). The study suggests that children associated with the little exercise are likely to become inactive adults. Adult including those in college is at risk of chronic and mental illnesses, like diabetes and depression respectively. College students in Colorado have been showing academic performance decline with increased inactivity. A report from National Survey of Children’s Health shows that Colorado is ranked 34 in the United States of America (Lensen, 2015). College student’s activity have risen from 57% to 64%, but middle and high-income families showed this improvement.
Minimal exercise is not enough and it not healthy due to it irregularity. The minimal activity does not condition the body in a healthy status, and it is considered straining the body. For physical exercise to be helpful it should be timed and regular. Physical activity is an essential requirement in some treatment, for instance, the treatment of some COPDs. Physical exercise improves the bodies efficiency in eliminating the by- products of the prescribe treatment.

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With more high school students joining and graduating from high school, statics shows that both the freshmen and graduates are entering the inactive camps. The level of activity exhibited is due to the mandatory participation required by some colleges. Once they are out of college, they make choices of remaining inactive (Haskell, Lee, Pate, Powell, Blair, Franklin, & Bauman, 2007). Symptoms of minimal activity include lifestyle diseases like cancers, high blood pressure, obesity, and deteriorating school performance. A student with minimal activity have less interest in outdoor activities and are characterized by anti-social behavior like bullying (Haskell et. al, 2007). Stress and depression mark a college student who undertakes minimum to no physical activity. Obesity drains their esteem and self-confidence, which leads to solitude.
The main reason for decreased inactivity is due to in high school one is expected to partake in physical activities but in college is a personal choice. Some colleges have mandatory classes for physical exercise, and most high school students do not apply to such institutions. In college, there are many activities especially social events and groups whose activities are more enticing than physical activities (Karr, Bauer, Graham, Larson, & Neumark- Sztainer, 2014). Some of this events include clubbing are destructive and have wasted many college students in Colorado. Drug addicts have no time for physical activities since their body have been weakened by the effects of the drugs. Students prefer to be in their rooms with their friends talking or playing video games. Most of the activities for fun in college are done at rest. Dancing and swimming once in a while accompanied by excessive drinking leaves the body fatigued and with hangovers (Karr, 2014). In the state of Minnesota, similar trend have been observed but legislation to include mandatory physical activity have been recommended.
Cure and prevention
Studies show that children are growing with reduced physical activity, they are likely to be inactive teenagers and adults consequently. For management of this problem, children should be encouraged to participate in games. Parents should shun giving their children junk food that leads to overweight children (Kilpatrick, Hebert, & Bartholomew, 2005). Overweight and obese Individuals are always fatigued and have a moderate tendency in participating in physical exercises. Video games may be helpful in mental improvement but should not override the function of physical activity. Families with low income, have been linked to inactivity. Education on the importance of exercise could help.
In conclusion, Physical activity, if taken seriously, can be a better form of preventive health care. It enhances blood circulation and enhances the muscle and bone framework performance. Physical activity is linked with improved GPA and overall academic performance.
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