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Can You Be Educated From a Distance? (Barszcz)

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Can You Be Educated From a Distance?
With the advancement in technology and the use of internet in academic platforms, the establishment of distance learning has been on the boom across universities in America. People are capable of enrolling in a program of their choice from the comfort of their home wherever across the globe and can pursue a degree or any other offered level on the internet. The online distance learning is widespread and real as indicated by Phoenix University which offers online studies with a 90,000 student’s enrollment. The figure makes Phoenix the largest university in America. The distance learning has been linked to advantages like convenience and cost effectiveness, it a sign of advancement in education, and it is a symbol of social progress. Distance learning is the fastest growing academic platform that most people are adopting.
Distance learning is convenient and costs effective, in these programs, the instructor post’s the reading materials and assignments on the institutions websites. The students will access them via a customized password, and submit the final assignment via emails. This can be achieved at the comfort on one’s bed. The stress of having to meet the instructor face-to-face is not experienced. The communication channels available that connect the scholars in the same program and their instructors include threads messages and chat rooms that can be accessed publicly to all scholars, to enhance interaction of ideas especially when given a general task.

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It is profitable to the institution since once servers for a program have been established, they will serve for long a great multitude while new programs can be served by the same slightly upgraded servers.
Distance learning is a sign of advancement in education systems effectiveness. For instance, in by Fairleigh Dickinson University scholars are required to attest one course in distance learning or via the internet that is a compulsory requirement for all students. The university claims it was emphasizing on the online studying as a sign of appreciation of internet a learning tool that marks the current internet age. The university also claims that the emphasis is to prepare the students for their future job life, and to enhance personal growth. Students are easily connected to the rest of the globe, which makes them world class scholars.
Distance learning is a sign of social progress as it moves towards toward meritocracy. An article on Forbes magazine documented a Northwestern University professor claiming that I a near future students will be able to conduct shopping activities as they studied via distance learning platforms. He suggested that people will be able to study what they wanted and not what the university had outlined for students to pursue. He also suggested that the progress will allow the scholars to be judged by whatever skills they have not what was being portrayed on their credentials. He said that that traditional learning is based on giving information, but distance learning will motivate the acquisition of skills to complement the information acquired, which is required in the job market.
In conclusion, Distance learning is convenient and cost effective, it is a sign of advancement in education systems effectiveness, and lastly it is a sign of social progress as it moves towards toward meritocracy. But sometimes it promotes sedentary lifestyles while scholars confine themselves to their homes making it a risk for them to develop social problems like antisocial behaviors and other health concerns like obesity.

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