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Cell Phone impact on society. Argument Analysis Using the Toulmin Model

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Cell Phone Impacts on Society
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Cell phones have become very important and a staple of our society. Currently, everyone starting from school kids to senior individuals own at least one. The essay focuses on the impacts attributed to the cell phone in the society some drawbacks about constant connectivity as well as mental temptation associated with the cell phone. The essay is related to the given article “Calling Blue.”
The fact that mobile apps and texting have eased our lives, the way we communicate has also changed. Cell phones have changed how human communicate. Agribusiness has made working for family scarce, and young Americans still learn too much about firm life and farm animals which the author says is news they cannot use. It implies that communication styles have changed as due to cell phones invention. The author argues that it would be a relief if we teach kids about 2007 things like A.T.M.’s cubicles and ring tones. It, therefore, indicates the significant changes in how humans currently communicate as a result of having cell phones in the society(HEFFERNAN, 2015).
The claim is that children should not be taught about the farms life. The author claims that children should not be taught about stuff like milking a cow. Instead, children are supposed to learn about things like ring tons, A.T.M.’s cubicles, best buys, and cup holders. The article claims that long since working family firms became scarce, little Americans are still singing and learning too much about eggs, chicken, wool, sheep, troughs, dells, goats, and pigs.

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It, therefore, illustrates how cell phones, as well as new technology, have changed communication among people. The claim is not however explicitly stated, but it has been inferred been inferred based on the arguments of the author in the article.
The author’s claim is not qualified because technically the author is not to claim that the young Americans should not be taught about firm’s life because agribusiness is a very important aspect in the economy as well as an economic backbone for Americans. As much as we embrace new technology like the cell phones, the children should be taught as well about the firm’s life to achieve a very productive generation and economy. The arguments of the author are therefore not convincing withstanding the claim that kids should not be taught things to do with the firm’s life.
In the initial episode of blockbuster, there are two puppets wearing overalls. The Blue and Sprinkles, her little brother. Their tasks are gathering eggs, shucking corn and milking a cow. A demonstration has the two puppets that show the audience the methodology of squeezing the milk to fill a container. The demonstration is focused to be a learning television series. The demo is shocking to the author.
The cell phone impacts are brought out in the article as a time saver machine (Wei, 2006). The article brings a scenario when phones would not be available. On the initial episode, Joe is mostly, and the two puppets are remains behind to carry out the tasks that they are assigned. When he return home, the puppets carry out celebrations about obsolete achievements mean while Joe pretends to be playing the banjo. This part of the article is an implication of the greater impacts the cell phone has contributed in the society rather than obsolete achievements that might have been realized traditionally.
The author’s warrant is the concern to embrace technology among the young Americans. Technological improvements like the invention of cell phones, A.TM. Machines and wireless devices are the score card for the article’s author. Therefore as a citizen, I agree with the author’s concern because there is an implied warrant that technology like the cell phone will have economic impacts as well as social impacts in the economy. Cell phones have played a big role in saving time as well as resources people would have used in transport (Jin & Park, 2012).
The author mentions the press release that will talk about the rolling out of several platforms of wireless carriers, DVD release and video on demand. I am in agreement with these author’s sentiments since the release of these technological platforms will have economic impacts as well as the lives of individual Americans.
The article brings up the transition to the farm theme in episode one and after which the puppets gets fancy with other themes such as art, music and transportation in the plan to roll out several platforms including video on demand, DVD release, and wireless carriers.
The article does not have a rebuttal, but it can be realized from the argument of the author. The author questions why we should teach our children about milking cows. If we don’t teach them, it is an implication that we will have nobody to milk our cows hence we will live without milk. We can’t feed on technology that the author recognizes as the only important thing in the society. The author also hates the firm’s life that brings out in the article as shocking. It should not be the case because Agribusiness mentioned in the article is also a profession.
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