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(CIVIL RIGHTS) The Little Rock Nine enter white public school, Sit-ins begin, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr, John F. Kennedy, Elizabeth Eckford

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The Civil Right
Important facts about The Little Rock Nine enter white public school to study
The primary action of the American civil right movement was to make sure that the nine students join the white central high school at a little rock. Despite the opposition they got from the white student, the enrolled as the first black student to be in white school. They had a lot of determination and strength to face all the challenges they would encounter during the studying period. Before the start of their school year, the students were given the counseling on how to deal with surrounding hostility, and that where they got the name the little rock nine.
The most important thing is that the student had a lot of hope for a successful academic year. However, after their arrival they were harassed by the angry mob of the white student, the star formerly all the white high school in little rock dent. The citizens were very determined to stop the mixing but could not attain their determination (George, 57). Nevertheless, due to the threats that the student got, the government of the area intervened ordering the soldiers not to allow the nine students to enter the school. The student were very desperate that they even lost hope to continue with their education.
The important fact is that, after all the embarrassment and shame the nine students underwent, they were later honored by so many people and even the king. On the graduation day of one of them, Ernest Green, who was the first student to graduate from Central high school, the King attended and gave an excellent speech.

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An important fact about the sit-ins.
The primary aim of the sit-ins movement was to stop the segregation in the schools. The first sit-in protest was very little, and the manager of the store could not get scared of them, he only said that they will sit down and then after that they will get tired and walk (Karen, 130). The second set in had a large group of peoples that even the story spread all around, and the civil organization started telling the story to the other colleges and different colleges copied them and added their sit-ins.
The sit-ins were the group of nonviolent in the Greensboro. The team mad the Woolworth department to come up with the policy of racial separation. They aimed to stop segregation. One day four of the team member decided to protest, they bought some school supplies and went to the school lunch counter that was separated. They asked to be served while they knew they could not get served.
The fact is very clear that this sit-in were very significant because they presented the change of mood of African American citizens (Robert, 23). The group knew it very well that even though the people were against segregation, no one had every trained to challenge the white separation. The four student new very well what they were doing, even after they were told they would not get served they refused to live the lunch counter, they were so determined.
The student were very determined; the most important thing is that they could sit in, put in jail, come out, sit in again, go back to jail, come out. They would not stop, so that attains their aim of ending segregation. However, the new attorney general, Robert Kennedy, gave the order to protect future freedom of the freedom movement. Begging political and public pressure, so that they can stop the segregation. Eventually the interstate commerce commission forbade the segregation on the Thruway travel, even though it took a lot of periods to end the separation, the gap between the races reduced periodically (Brendan, 47).
The primary action of the American civil rights movement was the nine students joining the formerly all-white Central high school in little rock. Despite the opposition, they got, they enrolled as the first African Americans student to study in central high school. The student had strength and determination to encounter and face all the challenges that they would get in the white school.Before the start of their education year, the student was given the counseling of what to expect in their classes and how to deal with the surrounding hostility. That where the group of nine got the name, little rocks nine.
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