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College Business Department recommendations

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00Business Department Recommendations

Table of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc468980543 h 3Business Department Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc468980544 h 4BUSINESS, MATHEMATICS, & SCIENCE PAGEREF _Toc468980545 h 5PROGRAM OVERVIEW PAGEREF _Toc468980546 h 6SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc468980547 h 7Internal and External Analysis PAGEREF _Toc468980548 h 7Strategy Formation PAGEREF _Toc468980549 h 10Generation: PAGEREF _Toc468980550 h 10Evaluation: PAGEREF _Toc468980551 h 11Selection: PAGEREF _Toc468980552 h 11Strategy Implementation PAGEREF _Toc468980553 h 12

Executive SummaryColumbia College an institution that is facilitated by the United Methodist Church promotes an all-round approach to education and also lays emphasis on complete respect for every individual as well as the community in its vicinity, respect is an essential ingredient to the conducive learning environment. Due to the top quality service that the college provides, it has therefore been in the past recognized by several International News agencies including the U.S News and famous world report as an institution that instill the best value to the learners. The mission of Columbia College Business Program is to educate and produce graduates with peculiar critical thinking capabilities, who are socially responsible out of the diverse student population in the country. It is notably significant, going by the rate at which the society is rapidly evolving in different aspects, there must be citizens with such capabilities to bring the necessary changes.

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Columbia College strives to provide its students with the skills to become effective leaders. Based on the strategic plans presented within this proposal we believe the Business Program could reach that goal. The strategic plan provides steps that would create a Business Program that is competitive throughout the metro area or in the global market. The future consists of several challenges posed by the progressive advancement in technology and plan of activities, relating to the ambitious goals in services a scholarship, and teaching while taking care of technological development. The program incorporates implication for students, faculty members, staffs along with the communities that we serve. When the plan is adequately implemented, students will gain from a high quality and efficient programs incorporating the productive use of resources and technology. The faculty staff will gain from the elaborate program to improve their output by a regular, academic programs aimed at advancing their professional development. In summary, the college would become widely known for preparing business professionals that would make a difference in the community and globally.
Business Department RecommendationsThe Columbia College was formed in 1854 after a vote by the South Carolina Methodist Conference and was originally named Columbia female college. The college’s location is situated at Hampton Street in downtown Columbia, with the classes officially started in 1859 with the intention to prepare women for a productive service to the state, the church, and the nation. The Institution originally began by 121 women and 16 faculty members. The courses that were offered included science, math, grammar and composition, Latin and religion/philosophy. Other art classes offered we music, French and much more.
The current enrollment is approximately 1,200 students compared to the humble start; it is evident that the institution has made several strides over the years. The present number of students is a representation of the 22 state and eight countries, with students that live in the campus residence halls approximated to 500. The institution is made up of well-qualified faculty members, and currently having 82 part-time and 81 full-time faculty members, 80 percent of the full-time faculty members, are professionals with Ph.D.’s while others have a terminal degree in their respective fields. The admission in the college gives a relative ratio of 11:1 of the student to faculty members. The college currently offers individualized programs with the women college offering more than 30 majors. It is approximated that at least 90 percent of the students are beneficiaries from the scholarships, grants loans and others involved in the student work program.
The working adults in the Midland may not have the opportunity to attend the regular classes hence; the institution offers twelve evening programs majors. These programs are ranked the most sought after undergraduate programs for the working adults in the region. Due to the lack of uniformity in nature of the schedules of students in this program, the institution provides a variety of class formats which are favorable and allows them to plan appropriately without interfering with their normal operations. The Evening program is co-ed and currently registers an average student age of 32 years ranging from 22 to 60 years. The evening program in a whole semester takes averagely 8.73 hours for an average adult student. With an incredible level of staff and faculty network support, its objective is that the students will enjoy a better learning environment to enhance academic success. The student to faculty ratio is 16:1, which is a very favorable number, this is very crucial in making sure that total cooperation is experienced between the faculty and the student. The major advantage of this good ratio is that it is easier for the student to have a personal attention with the professor hence a higher level of inclination to excellent performance in addition to the advantage of the professors knowing their names.
The college runs two online B. A programs: which includes Emergency Management and Criminal Justice
Degrees offered are:
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Education
Master of Arts
The college also offers Graduate programs which include; Master of Education in Divergent Learning a program this is particularly meant for teachers, Master of Education in Higher Education and Master of Arts in Organizational Change and Leadership a program that is relevant for all professionals without regarding their disciplines.
BUSINESS, MATHEMATICS, & SCIENCEThe Division of Business, Mathematics, and Science, which is hosted in the very modern Barbara Bush science center a building named after the former first lady is always abuzz with our popular programs in these majors. The section comprises of laboratories for chemical experiments and computing. It is made up of very dedicated faculty members who are focused on making it possible for everyone willing to join the college and the students as well to get prepared in their choice career path in business optimally. It is at the division that that one is assured to make connections for the corporate world. It consists of people with varying capabilities provides an avenue to make connections with mentors, classmates and faculty members who may be essential in the career progress and achievement.
Below are the areas offered:
Business (Accounting, Global Business, Business Analytica, and Business Administration)
Computing and Mathematics
Biological and Physical Sciences (Chemistry and Biology)

PROGRAM OVERVIEWThe Business program is comprised of both the Women’s College and Evening College, which is geared at preparing the student for the various careers in government, business and industry and hence forms some formidable fundamentals to enable them to pursue graduate studies. The college offers recognized programs, which have been certified by the major regulatory bodies in the country i.e. Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, hence it can provide both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. The training that the students are undertaken in the institution ensure that they become competent, courageous, confident and committed professionals; this is achieved through internship placements as well as classroom instructions. The major areas that are offered includes; Accounting, Business Administration, and Business Analytics, which are under Bachelors of Arts. It also offers Bachelor of Science in Global Business which is normally undertaken under contractual studies program, in addition to that the offers minor Management which is specific for no-Business majors
SWOT Analysis

Internal and External Analysis
While undertaking an analysis of the college of Columbia form the “SWOT” perspective makes it easy for the formulation of an effective and efficient plan that would improve its efficiency. The analysis takes into evaluation both internal and external factors that influence the program. The strengths and weaknesses are categorized as internal factors. Some of the advantages that the program boasts of are the provision of both day and evening program, accompanied by online classes. Online classes are suitable for commuters and people who prefer to work and study at the same time. Several people including students who do part time jobs and even fully committed professionals interested in furthering their education finds the program suitable. The category of individuals mentioned with an inclusion of others who may be interested have an opportunity to progress their working skills and in the progress also acquire valuable experience from the evening classes that are offered at the institution. It is also notable that the college also offers online studies program for individuals who are far off and may not make it to attend classes on a regular basis.
Additionally, students can acquire a lot by the advantage of making close professional relationships with their professors, a phenomenon that is attributed to the low student to professor ratio, a normal class in the college does not exceed 15-20 students. The department also boasts a knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff that can guide students with great assistance and learning avenues. Another unique feature of the Department is that students are capable of getting tutoring opportunities at no extra cost. Students can also get help from more experienced colleagues at no cost.
Apart from the strengths, the department has numerous weaknesses that affect service delivery. Addressing the gaps will open up more avenues and at the same time ensuring cost-efficient delivery to the students. The Evening College Business program lacks the variety of concentrations, the only ones offered are Accounting and Business Administration. The implication of this is that Students interested in getting a degree in Business, yet lacks interest in the two concentrations offered, cannot be given a chance to join the program. Therefore, it would be reasonable to say that narrowing the concentrations offered has the implications of losing a good number of prospective students.
Secondly, persistent problems such as lack of mentoring programs that may benefit students on track for graduation and preparing them for the labor market after graduation. After interviewing current students, we can conclude that even though graduating from the Business program requires finishing an Internship class (BUS 470I), the department’s shortcoming is that it does not provide sufficient amount of mentorship during the duration of the study. Marketing is a problem that should also be addressed; most of the students are not aware of student groups or clubs that have been existent in the program, the students are also not aware of different opportunities and events that are usually available. Hopefully, use of proper advertising channel is significant in attracting new students who would provide additional funding to the program.
Looking at the External Environment, we have evaluated both the opportunities and the threats that impact us. When it comes to strengths, The Business Department relies on connections to outside firms and businesses that provide to students great networking options, and also provide knowledge on the current labor market in Columbia and its environs. Several opportunities are available that the department can expand on, so that the possible connections can be able to provide students with excellent employment options upon graduation. Other strengths such as diverse student background can provide interactive opportunities that may open up doors for them in the coming future.
External threats include competition from other colleges (mainly USC Columbia and their strong and comprehensive Business Program at Moore’s School of Business) and the risk of losing faculty members. Despite the fact that Columbia College’s Business Department recently opened a Global Business major together with a new concentration (Business Analytics), they are yet to function because they are still in the growing stage. A sufficient duration is needed so that they can be fully established in the program. On the other hand, USC is more attractive to students because of its broader selection of learning concentrations.
Strategy Formation
Generation:Following a study and research plus conducting an internal evaluation of the Business department of Columbia College, we have therefore designed several mechanisms that will address the challenges of the department. The first mechanism involves focusing on the diversity of the evening classes offered, and then effectively utilizing professors; it would possibly provide a wider range of classes offered during both day and evening college. Additionally, hiring additional assistant faculty members will be essential. Providing students with the courses they need and meeting their demand is significant to the thriving of the program.
We are also formulating a strategy to solve the persistent problem of Lack of mentoring program. Provision of time to allow class group meetings, and then giving students better opportunities to interact among themselves, is a way of networking and has the potential of providing them with peer-to-peer mentoring. An effective peer-to-peer mentoring program will typically boost student’s morale and at the same time ensures students are satisfied with learning outcomes. We belive that the best method of doing that is to start by, pairing each incoming first-year Business major with a volunteer student who has mentoring skills, to help guide the students.
Thirdly, bettering the current marketing plan so as to attract a huge number of students to the program. Another process that would yield good fruits is, reaching out to other departments within the institution, and maintaining persistent outlook during campus events. The events that include as Open House, when fully utilized will give the college an impressive image and make it attractive. Other forms of marketing could be done through dishing out banners, pamphlets, and flyers to potential students
Evaluation:We came up with three marketing opportunities in regards to the above named strategic opportunities
Diversifying the Evening College program
Hiring assistant professors, though expensive but beneficial in the end.
Providing more courses, that would be equal to the one offered in the Day College
Making good use of faculty’s abilities
Establishing a mentoring program
Create ate a 2-year mentoring program for new students
create a conducive atmosphere so as to Attract exceptional upper-class students to be part of the peer-to-peer program
Provide students who volunteer with comprehensive but short leadership training. Other measures are participation in workshops prepared by the Leadership Center and C3PD.
Marketing Strategy
working together with the Admissions Office so as to make the program lucrative
Promote advertising of the current existing Business clubs and organizations
Create visibility at campus functions
Selection:Of all the strategies recommended above, the one that is most doable and profitable is, establishing a mentoring program for students, it should be done in a manner of connecting students and at the same time helping them, so as to polish the relationships between them and their professors. It will also boost the student’s morale and at the same time better the learning results, and higher motivation. Starting with this program requires less money, yet its benefits are numerous.
Strategy Implementation
Below is an action plan for the implementation of the strategy.
Action plan.
Recruitment and attracting of volunteer juniors who are interested in being mentors.
Revising requirements for admission to the program, the requirements are-
Minimum GPA of major 3.5 or higher
Past mentorship experience
Having a driven and ambitious personality
Leadership skills and potential
Application accompanied with recommendations
Compensation strategies for the newly recruited mentors
Small stipend in the form of no more than $200.
Recognizing the efforts of the mentor in assisting other young college students, by giving them certificates
Designing a two-year mentoring program for incoming first-year Business majors
Creating a list of activities for every semester that would fit the educational and professional experience of mentees accordingly.
Pairing students with mentors, the pairing would be based on personal characteristics such as educational and personal background.
Develop a faculty mentor advisement plan for each mentor.
Each mentor should be paired with a faculty member for her to get personal assistance concerning her mentoring experience, as well as her professional development.
Set monthly one-on-one meetings with faculty members.
Develop an efficient advertising campaign throughout campus by
Informing admissions and other officials leading open house on the newly introduced program. And then inform both the faculty and staff.
Design a logo and a name for the program.
Having promotional signs and flyers.
Include information on the college’s website about the new program.

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