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College life. How it is compared to what you thought it would be like

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College Life; How It Is Compared To What You Thought It Would Be Like.
Throughout high school, we have been fed with the idea that college would be one of the best years of an individual’s life. Pizza on school nights. Frisbee throws in the quad. Frat boys clad in boat shoes. These were just a few among the long list of the most ridiculous and stereotypical ideas that I had about college life just six days into the commencement of my freshman year. However, amidst the broken myths was immense adjustments and shock; not being able to immediately discover me in the social scene. This paper will cover this fact along with others to compare and contrast college life versus the ideology I had of it.
Before I joined college, almost everyone informed me that these were going to be the finest years of my entire life; I would get to meet new acquaintances whom would feel like soulmates, and I would never forget. While these ideologies started to sound like a broken record, they helped me as they reassured every morsel of anxiety I had and made me optimistic about going to college. However, when I joined college, these stories began to sound like an over-sold dream; the reality was not as good as it was painted. Most of the people were already arranged in their groups and joining one seemed a hard task. Every time I walked around the campus, I would be in awe of the number of students travelling in groups of five to seven people. This made me feel like I needed to belong somewhere; in a particular group and I embarked on a mission to fulfill this.

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This was when I discovered that contrary to what other people had fed me, not all people in college were friendly and got a group was a complicated affair.
Another idea I had of college that turned out to be entirely different was the concept that life in college was endless bliss from parties and events. This concept is imprinted in most freshmen’ minds as they go to college thanks to the media and friends. As an individual who was not in the least popular in high school, I was never disliked. Going for parties may not have been a routine, but it still happened once in a while. So when joining college, I had the idea that I would attend all the ‘best’ parties. On the contrary college became a series of sleepless nights from assignments to group work to reports. One simply had little time to indulge in such luxuries.
Lastly, before joining campus, I had this belief that it would be easier to excel in college than in high school. This notion stemmed from the fact that unlike high school, testing only covers what students have been taught in that single semester and not the whole four or six years in school. Accordingly, I thought that the amount of academic work would substantially deteriorate but this was not the fact. Instead, college was more demanding, and I had to work tirelessly to ensure that I secure a good grade. There was also the pressure of continuous assessment tests and exams that had students spend weeks in the library.
In conclusion, my life in college has been a contradiction of what I thought it would have been. Nonetheless, I love college because of its diverse nature.

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