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Comment Bank

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Comment Bank
High Comments
1. There has been a discernible change in { } sports world this year. It would be ideal if you keep on chipping away at these abilities over the summer. You have a splendid future.
2. Much obliged to you for your enthusiasm for { }’s schoolwork this year. With his/her continued zeal, he/she will get much fulfilment from her games work. Keep up! Great work
3. { } is a fine resident and a diligent team player. I have completely delighted in having him in my class this year. Have a magnificent summer.
4. { } has acted pleasantly this year. His/her advancement is stunning. I trust this enthusiasm and attitude will show itself in the following school year.
5. Much obliged to you for your bolster and enthusiasm for our class this year. { } is an extremely hardworking individual. He/she ought to have much accomplishment in his future sports work.
6. Bravo! { }. This has been a successful sports year. { } you have excelled in both sports work and extracurricular activities especially soccer.
7. With { }’s grade this term, he/she will go far in his/her sports life. He has shown excellent results in rugby and tennis as well. Enjoy your holiday
8. { } has been an enthusiastic learner. He has given an eye to sports details and learning skills. Continue with the same spirit.
9. { } has proven to tackle new challenges critically. He is eager with a positive attitude. He was the best in cricket and the best team captain.
10. Respect and Discipline are vital in both school and life.

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{ } have proved them right and works for a better course in his/her future. Be blessed!
11. { } is kind, friendly and caring. He/she was the best in netball. He/she has been the role model in his/her class this year.
12. { } adapts easily to a new environment. He/she has showed quality work all through this term. I wish you all the best.
13. { } comes to school each time with a broad smile. He/she was a great inspirer to other students. He/she won a trophy in athletics
14. { } yes you can! You have showed great improvement in your sports work. You have a great potential and will become the next Usain Bolt of our time.
15. { } portrayed high skills in a game sense and body control when playing outdoor games. He/she has also had better performances in sports work. Continue working hard and you will make it.
16. { } is a dedicated learner who is eager to learn new skills. He has been the best in indoor games and athletics. You hold a bright future.
17. { } is learning to be a good player. He/she has shown that all the term long. Continue being a great footballer.
18. { ] has worked excellently to acquire this high marks in this report card. He/she have showed great improvement. Congratulations!
19. { } has been cooperative all this time long. He/she portrayed a great potential in both soccer and hockey. Keep up!
20. { } you have been the best student in my class. I knew you would make it. It was amazing to have you.
Average Performance Comments
1. { } seems anxious to work on his sports performance. He/she has the potential to achieve more. Looking forward to seeing him/she improve
2. { }? I am hoping the great improvement you have shown this term will continue. He/she have learnt on how to follow instructions. It is my belief that he/she will improve accordingly.
3. { } you are a bright student. However, you need to improve your kicking skills and have more interest in games. Looking forward to seeing you improve.
4. Throughout this sports term, you have recorded an improvement in your catching skills. I believe that the improvement trend will continue. Let’s see you emerge a top student next sports year.
5. { } has progressed consistently. He/she has also been cooperative in both athletics and cricket. However, he/she needs to improve in various subjects and work for a better goal.
6. { } has shown strong improvement in both field and class contributions and adaptability skills. He/she will be a great player. You only need to improve your fitness and throwing skills.
7. { } has taken his/her time to coordinate his/her team on time. The only place he/she needs to improve is in following instructions and spatial awareness skills. Otherwise, he/she has a great potential in his/her work.
8. { } has been working well and collaborating with other students in the field work. If he/she continues with that spirit, he/she will improve greatly. Hope to see him/her next sports year.
9. { } has been timely and follows the instructions given. However, it is advisable for him/her to improve in various skills. He has the potential, and I know he/she will achieve the best come next year.
10. { } has been attending all the field sessions and responding to the tasks given. He/she only needs to grow a passion in several extracurricular activities such as football, athletics and music.
11. It was my honour having { } in my class. He has been among the improving students, and I believe he/she will work his/her way up the sports ladder. I hope to see you reach there.
12. It is my hope that { } will work well on his performance. Despite the little progress, he/she needs to improve in various sports disciplines and adaptability skills. Looking forward to having you in my class next year
13. { } you have all it takes to be the best student. You know you have the potential. Just unleash it and you will get there.
14. The important aspect of life is having a complete set of goals { } in your life. You have been amazing, and I know that you can also achieve great like the top students. Just pay attention to instructions.
15. { } has used key techniques in most of his/her games held. He/she was the football captain. Otherwise, his/her performance is impressive.
16. { } has shown deep body control skills in his/her sports work. He/she has also shown an impressive understanding of his/her sports work.
17. { } it has been a pleasure having you in my class. Your work shows that you have the potential to improve further. I will see you achieve your targets next year.
18. { } has been asking for further clarification when needed. He has been progressively improving his/her field skills. You have the capacity, and I believe in you.
19. { } continue being a motivation to your fellow students. You have portrayed that you can improve in all the sports disciplines. Hope that you achieve the best come next year.
20. Your work { } has been average. However, if you pay attention to various classes reading you will achieve a better grade come next year. Perfect on your imperfection
Low-Performance Comments
1. { } have not been doing so well in the PE class. I hope you improve and have a passion for games. Work on your interests
2. Football has been a stumbling block to your sports performance. What do you love most? Answer that when we meet in the next academic year.
3. { } you are a bright student. What happened that you lost taste in games especially outdoor games, and you used to be good in soccer? I hope you improve accordingly.
4. { } you can! What’s holding you back? Stay focused in class time and develops an attitude towards sports.
5. { } last time we agreed that you will be doing exercises regularly. I haven’t seen you improve this term. I hope you will do well come next year.
6. { } don’t let your past determine your future. You hold a bright life ahead. Try and work on your body movement and other sports skills.
7. { } I was wondering what went wrong with you. Did You use to be that fascinating and jovial students in PE time? Please pay attention and improve accordingly.
8. Cricket was your favourite game. Now I don’t know what have been happening. { } come-on. You have the potential just work on it.
9. { } I liked the first time you played hockey in your first tournament. What happened along the way? Please reflect on your abilities and you will see the results.
10. { } what an excellent boy/girl you used to be { }. I hope that you have considered your failure that term? Please be a good boy/girl next year.
11. Having a passion in some form of extra curriculum activities helps open and refresh your mind. I still believe that you hold that passion in you. Please improve in your sports area.
12. Despite the great challenges you had { } I still believe you can do better. Please pay attention and avoid injuries come next year.
13. { } you had a passion in athletics. Remember you became the second runners-up in your first game. What happened later? Please reflect on yourself.
14. It was my joy { } to have you in my class. However, you need to improve greatly in your hand-eye co-ordination. Hope to see you improve.
15. { } everyone has his/her interests in something. Work towards what you feel like you can do better whether soccer or netball. There is still room for improvement.
16. { } you are letting me down as your teacher. Kindly focus on throwing and agility sports skills. Yes, you can!
17. Do a lot of exercises { }. You are too young to give up in sports. Kindly adjust your temperament and focus.
18. { } learn how to utilize the field. Pay attention to your captain’s instructions. Looking forward to seeing you improve accordingly.
19. You had a passion in Ultimate Frisbee. Then you decided to change into soccer, but you haven’t done well like you did in Ultimate Frisbee. Please make sure you chose what you are best in.
20. Winning a game is in the mind. You have not been paying attention while in the field. Please stay focused { }.

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