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comparative in contrast essay about Mexico vs. US, language, environment, family values

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Between my Country and the United states
I had faced the bigger challenge to move to the United States, due to my country differences? A young mother with a baby in arms and pregnant, I came to the United States escaping from the poverty, violence and organized crime. However, my family and my life was in danger back in my country. After my arrival to the US., I suffered from homesickness, because I did not speak English and I was not able to make money to support my family as I did back in Mexico, also because I missed my family and Mexican food.
First of all, I lived in Mexico previously and I also know that the Mexicans are hard workers, but then 53.5% of Mexicans are living below the poverty line, suffering and violence. It is evident that the poverty that Mexicans are actually facing today is to be blamed on the Mexican government since they are taking enough measures to deal with organized crimes. Different from Mexico is that the United States government strategically grows a stable economy to provide a well-living environment to the US population, while is one of the richest countries of the world, and invest a lot of money in safety.
The first difference I suffered after I arrived in the United States was the language. While living in Mexico, I used to work in a perfume store and was able to make good money, I did manage to wear very pretty dresses as well. In contrast to Mexico in the United States, the only job that I found was working on the land, first picking, then trimming, under the hot rays of the sun, I was not able to make enough money, because at the time payment was 3.

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25 dollars an hour. In the United States every woman has a pleasure of going to shop. When I had the necessity to buy something it was a sacrifice for me because I didn’t know how to ask for things in English.
On the other hand, after my arrival in the United States I missed my parents and grandparents a lot and even wanted to call them frequently, but, unfortunately, I did not have enough money in my pocket to call them as was my desire. Unlike the United States in Mexico, I used to call and visit my parents and grandparents as frequent as possible to have some good time with them. At times when I called them, I used to hear that most family members are reunited and that they were also enjoying traditional foods such as Tamales, enchiladas, and pozole. This was double pain for me, because my favorite food is the Mexican food and I also wanted to stay there with my family. In contrast with Mexico, the United States too has many Mexican restaurants, but then the food flavor is not the same as the typical Mexican food.
Despite all, both countries are full of beautiful places, and Mexican language is spoken widely, the family, foods, and cultures are unique, I feel very safe in the United States, because the country is always preoccupied with the safety of the people living in their territory. However, I still loved Mexico with all my heart, but still wanted to escape poverty, violence and organized crimes that control Mexico, and also keep my family far away of the danger.

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