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Compare and contrast the UK education system with that of another country and evaluate whether there is evidence that a delayed start to education is beneficial.

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UK education system Vs. Finland education system based on early childhood Education is an important aspect in human life where by it begins at the younger age. However, every country has its education system approach that might be different or similar with that of other countries. Therefore, this paper develops an insight of the benefits associated with delay of starting education by comparing and contrasting the education system of UK and Finland.
In both UK and Finland, education is mandatory to all children whereby every child in both countries has a right to education by law. However, in both countries education starts with pre-schools that facilitate development of children by emphasizing playing and socializing. At this stage, children are not introduced to any learning until they attain the required age to begin formal learning that involves literacy and numeracy. In Finland and UK, daycare or preschools are heavily subsidized and in most cases they are free.
On the other hand, there is a wide contrast in the early childhood education between UK and Finland in regard with the age of starting education. Moreover, research shows that delay in starting the formal education has a positive impact towards the development of children since they get enough time to play and socialize. In the UK, currently children begin formal education at the age of four years while in Finland they start at the age of seven years. Therefore, in the UK, children attend preschool and daycare at the age of between two and three years while in Finland children compulsory attend daycare and preschools at the age of five years.

Wait! Compare and contrast the UK education system with that of another country and evaluate whether there is evidence that a delayed start to education is beneficial. paper is just an example!

Finland education system compared to the UK provides a wide range of benefits towards childhood development. A child is given ample time before being exposed to heavy psychological and emotional burden related to education. According to Freeman, he claims that children in Finland spend 75 minutes of recess a day whereby the outdoor physical activities are normally taught outside since children are normally given fifteen minutes break after every lesson. This simply suggests that children spend most of their time outside classroom participating in physical activities (Freeman). However, “Neuroscientific studies have shown that playful activity leads to synaptic growth, particularly in the frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for all the uniquely human higher mental functions” (Whitebread). Therefore, it is evident that children in Finland get enough time to enable their brains and physical body to develop before starting formal education that involves brainstorming hence a partially developed brain will not cope with the situation. This is the reason Finland is at the top notch regarding education sector since it provides quality daycare and preschool session for a good number of years. Also, Finland is considered to emphasize mostly in playing and socializing in daycare and preschools compared to the UK. It is evident that children spend at least two years in preschool and daycare before joining the formal school. Therefore, this approach has led Finland to be top performing in education.
In conclusion, UK should borrow a leaf from Finland to improve its education system. It would be relevant to extend the age of beginning schooling from the age of four to seven years. This will be beneficial to them in the development of both physical and emotional based on playing and being involved in other physical activities. While joining the formal schooling, they will be fully developed and cope with academic activities
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