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CV For Seaman Revised

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Contact Information
Name: Michael Epshtein
Date of Birth: 1978/10/08
Sex: Male
Nationality: Israel
Tel: INTERNATIONAL 972 526709053
ISRAEL 0526709053
Location: Israel, Haifa.
Email: [email protected]: Russian, English and Hebrew
To work as Ship Superintendent utilizing my skills and talent to the fullest to provide excellent service and achieve professional growth.
To be quick in problem solving and emergency response.
To be a good team leader in all the activities expected in the technical department as the ship superintendent
Self-motivated, able to prioritize and complete superintendent’s tasks and follow through to achieve project goals, keeping track of the changing trends, that is, alternative solutions to emerging problems.
Skills and Qualifications
Soft Skills
Coaching and discipline.
Training and mentoring of subordinates, cadets, trainees
Good at effective conveyance of information as a superintendant.
Preventive maintenance program implementation and administration, developing procedures and producing appropriate paper work to satisfy regulatory authorities and company objectives (i.e. ISM, JSA, Permits to work, etc.)
Diesel Engines
Complete overhaul vessel propulsion and auxiliary engines, repair and maintenance experience on considerable amount of r brands such as: B&W Man, Sulzer, Hyundai Hansen, Daihatsu, etc.
Fully conversant with MDO (diesel), 180 and 380 Heavy Fuel Oil handling machinery operation and procedures.

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Fluent in various Alfa Laval purifiers and some Westphalia.
Proficient in placing orders for fuel oil and arranging for their time of delivery
Water Systems
Extensive experience with fresh water production equipment and handling such as Alfa Laval – 30 t/day. Familiar with water testing and treatment of feed systems and fresh / potable water production and distribution and its quality management within a large system.
Waste Systems
Comfortable with numerous types of Oily Waste Separators and procedures: conversant in regulations and administration of records. Intimate experience: with numerous Marine Sanitation Devices, large and small, and procedures.
Steam Systems
Familiar and comfortable with large low pressure steam systems (i.e. 4-9 bar).
Proficient in DC & AC, production and distribution, experience in large diesel electric propulsion plants.
Experience in rebuilding; various valves, pumps, compressors, purifiers, piping and numerous other components alongside with shipyard supervisory duties.
Troubleshooting, repairs and installations of hydraulic systems.
Comfortable with electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems.
Safety officer
Conducting first aid to accident victims at work.
Marine Training Institute. Acco. Israel.
Specialization: Chief Engineer and Second Engineer.
2001 -2002.
Marine Training Institute. Acco. Israel.
Specialization: Operation of Diesel and Power System, watch keeper.
University of Agriculture, Belorussia.
Specialization: Mechanical Engineer
2003-Date (Cadet) – Chief Engineer – XT Shipping Group
Watch Keeping on large ships, technically complex Merchant ships, operating in various locations around the world.
Requisition ships stores or equipment to be conveyed on dock at vessels return.
Supervised and carried out scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance, tests, alterations, inspections, overhauls repairs, and dry-dockings.
Getting radio messages from Master Ship to define services ordered and notify them of arrangements made.
Carried out supervisory and watch keeping duties and established an exemplary safety record throughout.
Managed on-shore projects for company vessels.
Achievements and Awards
State of Israel Certificate of Competency (SOC) Chief Engineer Officer
License State of Israel Engineer Watch keeping (STCW95)
Chief Engineer Officer on Ships of 3000 KW or more
Certificate State of Israel Ship Security Officer (S.S.O)
Red Cross.
Environmental conservation
Ship maintenance
References and Writing Portfolio
Available on request

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