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Danish Folks School

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The Danish folk high schools are committed to offering non-formal education to adults. The age brackets for the students are between 18 and 24 years. This education is offered for four months. There are other services that are rendered to the students. The services include accommodation, catering and library. However, the students can also be given spare time at the school. A hilarious aspect of these schools is that one can just matriculate without any academic requirement (Whisnant, 2005). In the same vein, there are no exams and this encourages most folks to join them. If the exams could be there then most adults could have avoided matriculating into these schools. After a four-month stay in these schools students are conferred with the diploma to give a proof of their attendance.
The whole concept surrounding non-formal adult education is linked to the Danish philosopher who was also a poet, clergyman and educational thinker. The philosopher had thoughts about free educational opportunities. The concept started in the 19th century and is currently a dominant feature in the Danish education system.
Teaching is the special feature of the Danish education system that is characterized by dedication and high professionalism. The classes are conducted in dialogue and this promotes mutual learning between the students and teachers. The principal focus is to strengthen the special skills that each student has in a social atmosphere that challenges and on the flipside it offers a supportive social atmosphere (Whisnant, 2005).

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This education has a huge potential of influencing the student’s social life.
Moreover, the folk high schools have huge freedom where students can select the subjects, methods of their teaching and content. This implies that there are conspicuous differences among these schools because they use different methods of teaching. Also, the subjects ought to have a broad scope. There are also schools that concentrate on music and theater, sports, arts, philosophy and politics
Relevance of using personal story
Danish folk’s school gives a platform where teachings are held and according to The Long Haul there is a princess who is being carried by an individual. It is a struggle on a journey in the woods. This personal story gives the understanding of one’s experience in life. The experience an individual narrates to another person has more impact. One can be in an excellent position to get firsthand information and that attracts relevance. The Danish Folk schools deal with sharing of thoughts, values, experiences and ideas that can facilitate social reforms.
Political reforms. The Danish high schools are traditionally known to teach democracy. According to the chapters five and six the narrator is tasked to carry the princess. This seems to be a difficult task but the narrator had no other option. The journey in the woods is so hectic and lethargic but the princess does not appreciate. The point the narrator is driving home is that leaders should understand the plights of their subjects. Additionally, they should not be a burden to their subjects. From the narration, it reveals that the narrator is tired and wants to stop carrying the princess. This suggests a need for a revolution in politics or leadership to eliminate oppression. Also, the personal story by the narrator is invoking empathy and one can listen attentively and sympathize.
In conclusion, a personal story has relevance since people can get convinced and moved by the narration to take action against oppressive leaders to bring social changes.
Whisnant, D. E. (2005). All that is native & fine: The politics of culturein an American region. Place of publication not identified: Univ Of North Carolina.

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