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Describe two or three of your current intellectual interests and why they are exciting to you. Why THE College of Arts and Sciences be the right environment in which to pursue your interests?

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At the tender age, I become passionate about solving math problems as well as examining the economy of our contemporary society. Mathematics and business are the most intellectual areas of my interest that I started building even when I was eight years. For instance, at eight years I gained interested in business when I decided to open my first fashion show as well as the lemonade stand. Through this, I decided to hire friends and schoolmates to work with me so that we can attain the higher profit of the firms. My passion in business continued to thrive even as I joined high school education. Just to be precise, my final years in high school demonstrated how much I was passionate about the career of business. During this time, I decided to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy that was specifically for my DECA club. With the help of the fashion show, I was able to raise up to $1700 for the cause. While carrying out the managerial duties in my organization, I learned many businesses related skills that made me more passionate about perusing it further even in a higher level. In the process of recruiting the employees, I employed a strategy of simulation that I learned could work better with bigger enterprises.
Besides building my intellectual interest in business, I have undergone the business classes to help me built my future career of attaining Master in Business. My diligent work in the former enterprises is drawn from the projects that I undertook for self-improvements.

Wait! Describe two or three of your current intellectual interests and why they are exciting to you. Why THE College of Arts and Sciences be the right environment in which to pursue your interests? paper is just an example!

Most importantly, studying business especially in the college of art and sciences will allow me to conceptualize with the combination of theories and practices that are vital in sustaining the country’s economy. In conjunction with this fact, knowledge in economics will equip me with the best precepts of managing a business firm.
Notably, mathematics had been my best subject since the earlier years when I joined the high school. The mathematical skills that were conveyed to me in high school made me more passionate in perusing it as my best careers in the future. The mathematical skills offered me various perspectives to gain interest in this field. I can conceptualize one day when I was doing my homework during my high school education when I come across difficulty in calculating a word problem. Such emanated since every formula that I employed had different parameters. Such academic challenges made me learned new methods and various ways of handling the word math problems. Additionally, the challenges made me aspire more and even become excited about these subjects since ever since I loved building my reputation with hard tasks.
I would like to join the College of Arts and Sciences and undertake my classes in mathematics and business as my major and Economics as my minor subject. This will be a regular course that I hope will run throughout the semester. I will ensure every piece of my time is well spent within the university and participate in career building clubs as well. Apart from the academic excellence, I will always foster mathematics and economics projects within the college. I believe this will enhance me better together with my classmates. My greatest excitement of perusing mathematics and economics will be attained soon after joining the College of Arts and Sciences.
Ideally, my intention of being a business manager in one of the prominent enterprise motivates me to undergo a course in mathematics as a major and minor in economics in your College of Arts and Sciences. To be a competent business manager, I embrace the fact that not only the professional skills projects an individual’s efficacy but also the ability to inculcate those skills into productive results. Conclusively, I sincerely want to secure a chance to pursue mathematics and economics in your prestigious college of Arts and Sciences. Given this chance, I will be able to attain my master degree in business (MBA) and work in different enterprises to display my ability and experience. Indeed, the College of Arts and Sciences will be the ideal environment for me to attain my dream in academics since it provides the best business managers and mathematicians globally.

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