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Do we need new ways to Identify gender and sexuality?

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New Ways of Identifying Gender and Sexuality
Gender and sexuality are two variables that individuals do not conceptualize in their exact meanings. This aspect may rise due to the less attention that is given to a critical study of the discipline. Ignorance is also one of the factors that hinder individual from understanding this concept. There is a great rift between the two terms that should be identified and bridged for one to define them precisely. Many institutions do not concentrate on teaching the different approaches that can be given to the two concepts. It must be acknowledged that if we yearn for a better world than this, then we should be introduced to the varied difference and diversity between sexuality and gender so that we can be tolerant to one another.
Despite our difference in race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, and socio-economic status, we should acknowledge the oneness and learn new ways of approaching our differences. For this fact, it is true that gender and sexuality should be identified and given a new approach (Jewkes, Flood, and Lang). The paper focuses on certain new ways one may use to identify the diversity in gender and sexuality. Many individuals have complained that their gender does not match their physical sex. This act has brought humiliation publicly among the peers and members of the same gender (
In most instances, the two terms have been used synonymously. This context is drawn from the cultural conceptions an individual was exposed to since their birth.

Wait! Do we need new ways to Identify gender and sexuality? paper is just an example!

Some people usually comply with the gender norms that were ascribed to them through parenting and the nature of the environment they were introduced to since their inception. The manner of parenting makes one to identify themselves to the specific gender. Cisgender describe the gender identity vividly one complies with due to the nature of parenting and environment of nurture. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender commonly known as the LGBT are some of the gender identity that confuses individuals. Reduction of the rate of gender violence in our contemporary societies requires a need to employ the new way in an identification of sex and sexuality ascribed to individuals. One should conceptualize the term gender as the feminist scholar and historian Judith Butler postulates.
Judith asserted that gender help in the organization of our world into two boxes that is his and hers. This aspect fosters a way we easily depict whether the person we see in the street is male or female. Scholars such as Judith believe that gender gets mostly constructed in a social setting. However, some scholar’s postulates that it can construct in biological make-ups of an individual, homes, culture, and genes of a person.
Historically, the difference that existed between the males and females was quite distinct and could be depicted based on the men’s testosterone. Men’s testosterone fueled the difference between the feminine and the masculine genders. Male gender was believed to be the able humans who could bring food on the table. Women’s gender was constructed on the estrogen since the mothering hormone. This aspect was projected by their soft communication they portrayed to the males. With the rapid changes in the society, the serotypes had drastically changed. Discussion of gender differences become fraught with the diversity in our contemporary societies. It should be projected that there is a noticeable difference in the genetical makeups of both men and women. The differences can also be expected in the gender roles ascribed to individual in the society. Women were seen to perform certain duties ranging from childbearing to household chores.
Unlike women, masculine gender is depicted as the heterosexual gender in the family ( This context means that men usually dominate the subordinate women and tat feminine gender provides sexual satisfaction to the males. The distinction gets shown in the manner that places the female gender at stake since the role they play in our society is undermined. In many instances, the manner of dressing code, our posture, cultural identifiers, and habits identifies our gender and sexual alignment.
Nowadays transgender has entrenched our society and has been seen to have threatened the old boundaries. In this context, it has resulted in a debate that require a new approach when one wants to identify themselves with the explicit sexuality and gender. The old category posit that individuals are born as males or females as their biological makeup depicts (Jewkes, Flood, and Lang). There is two distinct sex and which do not overlap one another. This aspect confuses people making it difficult to understand and construct the difference that exist between the two sexes. Transsexual genders have used the hormones and surgery to alter their sexuality and gender. This practice has changed their sexes as they are seen to practice transvestites in their behavior. They have diversified their mode of dressing to adopt the opposite sexes.
The Daily Vox/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX projects that an individual’s gender may change soon after the birth. In most instances, the male species of organisms usually experience a change in hormone surge. This change may in turn reorganize the behavioral and sexual traits ascribed to such individuals. Additionally, Nirao Shah asserts that testosterone offered in the initial week of a personal life may cause the feminine babies to adopt the masculine behavior once they reach their adulthood stage. What surprises the scientist is the fact that these changes cannot be reversed hence changes the sexuality and gender of an individual. However, it is unclear of the resultant effect of the Surge on human cognitive ability.
In the attempt to refine the new avenues of depicting and constructing one’s gender, there is the need to concentrate on the role that culture has on an individual sexuality. Research depict that parents have treated boys and girls differently. They have breastfed boy for quite a longer period compared to girl’s child. Such then affect the way in which younger children perceive themselves. The brain of the child then interacts with the cultural makeup from the inception day. Culture plays the primary role in the identification of one gender. This concept follows the fact that some transgender blames the environment they were exposed to in the earlier years for being the ultimate change in their gender identity.
Notably, a new insight should be embraced when one talks about the gender violence since, in many situations, people have attributed this defect to be the feminine problem. Ideally, in our contemporary societies whenever we talk of gender-based violence, we tend to associate female as the main sex that is affected by the practice. It is indeed true that men have demonstrated the hegemonic masculinity over the females. Males have exploited women for sexual satisfaction. This practice makes us tend to believe that any individual that practices the gender dominance over the other should be a masculine. Such factors seem to be untrue since gender-based violence has been witnessed among the males as well. Men have also demonstrated the dominance over the men in the society especially in the workplace and social settings. This does not clearly shows that females are the only vulnerable gender that face the gender based violence but rather a defect that influences either gender.
Some scholars also argue that the roles ascribed to an individual do not projects their gender identity. Such is because nowadays females have been seen to perform the masculine duties, especially in the workplace. Depicting the sexuality of such individuals becomes tiresome since either gender is capable of performing every role. There is, therefore, need for a new approach to be included in an attempt to analyze one’s gender and sexuality.
Conclusively, in an attempt of many feminist historians to ascribe each gender in its context, debates have been the main platform to foster such campaigns. What is evident is the fact that every individual get to attribute himself or herself to a particular gender identity depending on the nature of the environment that nurtured them. Identifying whether one is a masculine or feminine gender requires a wider view and new scientific perspectives. A scientist has postulated that the parental care can make infants comply with the gender queerness, bisexual, transgender, gay, and lesbian sexuality. It is evident that the mode of dressing, behaviors of individual and traditional roles help us to tell the desire of a person and their genders. Gender queerness and heterosexual genders nowadays would like themselves to be identified with such sexuality as they go to an extent of forming organizations. Ideally, we need new ways if we are interested in defining the particular gender and sexuality of an individual.
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