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Essay for Honors admission document

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An Essay for Honors Admission.
I had spent a lot of time browsing through the various universities and colleges that offered the honors course that I am determined to pursue. My struggle came to a halt when I bumped into the New York University website. I was impressed with the features associated with the school and the services that the site indicated as well as the honors courses that the University offered as per the website. It was the first university that I came across that offered a range of honors courses in environmental and rural studies, including my preferred honors course; Environmental Science BSc Honors. Below are my useful details that I associate with the course.
I have not had a chance to take up any honors course in my schooling years since this I my first time in college. The Environmental Science BSc honors will, therefore, be my first honors course, and I intend to invest a lot of efforts to see it as a success. However, I would like to pursue more and more course in the scope of Environmental Studies. More honors courses that I plan to pursue in the future other than the Environmental Science BSc are; Environmental Sciences (Agricultural and Environmental Science), Ecosystem Management, and Environmental Geochemistry.
In addition, I have not also had the chance to be involved in any research or be included in an internship program or any similar activities or projects since it is my first time to be exposed to such. I, to that light, intend and plan to be involved in many relevant activities that would render me included in the aforementioned activities.

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I plan to participate in a couple of research activities regarding the rural and urban environments. Additionally, I plan to take part in two internship programs before sophomore in environmentally related areas.
Thirdly, since I am fairly new in NYU, I have not as yet had the chance to acquire duties and service responsibilities whatsoever. However, I would like to join clubs or societies that are involved in offering services on various aspects of the society. I especially would like to serve in social and health care arenas. Also, regarding the enrollment in the minor or the second major programs, I plan to enroll in a second major program relevant to environmental and rural sciences.
Lastly, I value my membership in the Honors college. I regard it as one of the best chances in my school life and my life in general. There are a couple of reasons as to why I hold the honors chance dearly. To start with, the membership plays a great role in the kick off and the shaping of my life episode of academic excellence. The honors course opens doors to greater educational chances such as pursuing other courses related to the discipline and exposes me to the benefits associated with the research aspect of learning. In addition, the membership also plays a part in the development of my chosen line of career. This chance will play a great role in the nurturing of my excellence in the professional element of the corporate world. Participating in internship programs will expose me to the corporate world and grant me the experience required to ace professionally. These positive aspects will largely contribute to my excellence in the field.
In conclusion, I have done well before, and I am convinced that I can comfortably meet the academic challenges that I will be presented to at NYU. I am confident that NYU will help me grow as the Environmental Science program matches my academic interests and the goals I have in the professional aspect of life.


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