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An Ethical Situation
Ethics explains how a person or group of people behaves in the moral situation. Ethics is distinctive among regulations to the position that the people involved cannot reach an agreement on the ordinary description of their matter. The cases of ethics engage organizing, defending, and advocating concepts of rights and wrong behavior. Situation ethics explains the particular situation of an action when assessing it morally. Situation ethics describe the particular situation of an action when evaluating it morally, relatively instead of judging it according to complete the moral routine. Within each situation in situation ethics, the law of love is followed instead of general law. Agape love is mostly used in the Christian form of situation ethics. Agape love is kind of loves that shows concern to other, caring for them as much as caring for oneself. When one practices agape love, he or she fights for the innocent people without seeking anything in return. In situation ethics, all law, rules, principles, ideals, and norms are dependent but they can be valid if they are used to serve the love in the particular situation. Hence, they may be broken or ignored other results of action would result in a more loving outcome.
Since the Ethical theory and principle are the common opinion from which direction can be used in decision making in any situation, they are referred to as the fundamental of ethical study. Every theory highlights the different points in order to reach a morally correct decision.

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For any moral theory to be useful, it must first be focused toward the ordinary set goals, which are the ethical principles. These moral principles are the common goal that every theory tries to attain for it to be flourishing.
Any course of action has to be practical in order for it to be right. In any situation, we can argue that, one of the key strength in situation ethics is flexible. It allows a realistic decision to be prepared where rule-based ethical system directly follows their complete mandate. In any situation where this fundamental strength is not used, some of the action are forbidden without considering any circumstance is involved, these can lead to some strange outcome. When the key strength is regularly avoided, they can be hazardous because they can lead to some very confusing situations. In any situation, it is very advisable to analysis your decision before taking any action. In the situation where baby twins are born conjoined, it is very confusing if to let the two baby die or to kill one. Naturally it more practical to save the life one at the expense of the other.
It is very hard for individual to judge what loves, as it is bound to see things from one’s viewpoint. Some act of selfishness in some situation can easily crawl in without stiff rule or love, which eventually can lead to favoritism or separation of groups. In such situation, justice ethical principle can be very helpful. In moral theory, justice ethical principle explains how this theory can prescribe actions that are fair to the people involved in the situation. Most cases the ethical decision relies on ethical theory except when a more justifying condition that can be justified exist in the case. In an intelligence situation, the points can be more practical if the boundaries in the situation ethic are avoided. An ethical decision with no boundaries and contain justice within has reliable and reasonable foundation that supports the decision. In the situation like in the ambulance driver, he is allowed to speed on the highway to alive at the scene of the accident as fast as possible. In order save lives of the people involved in the accident. Although the driver would usually have to obey the speed limit, he is allowed to speed in this unique situation because it is a justified under the justifying situation. Although Love is one of the best way that ensure one is sympathetic to others, it should not make the final principle by which we should live our life.
Every individual in life want to have a right answer to every question of life. A virtual ethical theory judges an individual by his character without looking their actions that may diverge from their normal behaviors. Such people, who want to have an answer to every question, find it very hard to live with moral hesitation. Since actually they want to do the right thing even though they cannot work what the right thing is, but they admire the point that there is one right answer somewhere. In every situation, it takes the individual morals, reputation, and motivation to explain strange and irregular behaviors of immoral. However, there may be several right answerers or some least bad answered, and the individual have to make a choice between them.
Situation ethics mostly focuses on human instead of what circumstances to follow the law and abstract principles. In the right ethical theory, the rights created by the society law are protected and given the highest priority. The situation ethics have the vital value to the point that they become very helpful to the people. Rights in situation ethic are considered to be morally corrected, and suitable since most of the ruling residents approves them. The dispute is that the only foundation for incredible being ethically right can be the consequential feelings of human beings, and condition catalogs. It is also correct that the individuals can give the right to the other if they have the capability and property to do so.
Ethics is all about the morality of particular course of action and the goodness of a person and what it meant to have a better life. The casuist ethical theory helps to compare the moral dilemma in life and their outcomes. Casuist ethical theory also helps one to determine the cruelty of the situation, and make the brilliant explanation according to the knowledge of the others.
An ethical dilemma is a moral problem that it ethical choice involves ignoring an influential non-ethical reflection (.Lehikoinen, 55) Non-ethical reflection can be more vital enough to justify choosing it over the firm moral action. It is justice to do the right thing even if you will lose your friend or job. The moral principle of beneficence directs the ethical theory to do what is right. These acts of doing what is right create an ethical standpoint and potential solution to moral dilemma suitable.
In the decision-making processes, the ethical theories and moral principles are crucial characters. This ethical theory and ethical principles can be used in combination in order to make the best ethically correct answer to each ethical situation.
Work Cited
Lehikoinen, Jaakko T. “Theory and Application of the Privacy Regulation Model.” (2008). Print.


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