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Ethnicity and Race
This essay discusses the reading ‘Ethnicity and Race’. The discussion provides one with the understanding of the information that is necessary to determine the definition of ethnicity and race. It also allows one to determine the types of interaction that that are based on ethnicity. The different types of ethnic interaction provide an individual with the capability to determine if the interaction is either positive or negative. The advantage of having such an interaction examined is that it opens one’s understanding of different perspectives in ethnic interaction. This paper also discusses some of the ethnic conflicts that have happened in the past. It also discusses ongoing ethnic conflicts with the aim of understanding the past and present.
In the reading ‘Ethnicity and Race’, there are nine types of ethnic interaction cited by the author. These are assimilation, Plural Society, Multiculturalism, Prejudice, Discrimination De Jure, Discrimination de Facto, genocide, Ethnocide, and Ethnic expulsion. In the case of assimilation, it is an interaction whereby individuals of a smaller ethnic group are taken into a larger group. Multiculturalism provides the ethnic groups interacting with the ability to co-exist. This is achieved by the dominant group accepting the minority group without discriminating against them. On the other hand, an interaction such as discrimination de jure includes a situation whereby there are legal laws that help to discriminate against individuals based on their ethnicity.

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An interaction such as genocide involves the mass killing of a smaller ethnic community based on their ethnicity.
Some of the ethnic interactions mentioned can be classified as being positive while the rest are negative. The positive forms of ethnic interaction are assimilation, plural society, and multiculturalism. However, negative ethnic interaction includes prejudice, discrimination, genocide, ethnocide, and ethnic expulsion. The positive forms of ethnic interaction have been found to provide the ethnic groups in question with the ability to continue sharing their experiences without harming each other. Positive ethnic interaction insists on the need for coordination and acceptance among the different ethnic groups. However, negative ethnic interaction crates conflict among the ethnic groups. In most cases, it has been found that the larger ethnic group ostracizes, the smaller group. The result of such interaction is loss of life and property.
A good example of positive ethnic interaction is the assimilation of Brazilians into the USA. Most of the immigrants into the USA were seamlessly assimilated into the larger groups while being provided with jobs and accommodation. Multiculturalism is also another form of positive interaction. Certain cities in the USA have different cultures from all over the world represented. The result of this interaction is the positive appreciation of the contribution of the societies in question. One of the worst negative ethnic interactions is genocide. A good example of Genocide is the mass killings in Rwanda. The killing of the Tutsis by the Hutus clearly shows why it is necessary to ensure that ethnic groups coexist. Ethnic expulsion is also a negative ethnic interaction that may affect areas with different ethnic groups. One of the main examples of ethnic expulsion includes the expulsion of Indians from Uganda.
The readings have provided the basis for discussing ethnicity and race. Most of all, it has helped the reader to understand the different cases and scenarios that involve ethnic interaction. While some regions of the world may experience positive ethnic interaction, others may experience negative interaction. Sensitizing the public on the need to alleviate the situation around the world is important as it provides one with the knowledge to differentiate right from wrong. Sensitizing the public about the different types of ethnic interaction provide a chance in mitigating the effects of negative ethnic interaction.

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