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Eye of Servaleance, 2 pages

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Eye of Surveillance

Eye of Surveillance
The terrorist attacks in the United States and the London subway bombing led to the installation of video cameras everywhere in the country. The governments and the private agencies have been seen to increase their surveillance efforts by using newer technologies and better equipment. The new technology used is seen to play a role in the crime deterrence and unnamed aerial vehicles. In the analog world, the video surveillance has been through a lot of Compromises though it is today being seen to yield new powerful systems. The object of this study is to define how the technology today has made the security systems more pervasive.
The new technology has been seen to be monochrome to color in its efforts to make the surveillance system more efficient. Although the shift from the black and white generation is not a new trend, it is still carrying on and most of the monitoring today is seen to be in color. More than eighty percent of the surveillance is seen to be older analog devices while many of the new installation is digital. According to the article, the cameras today are said to be of high resolution that have advanced from standard definition resolution to multiple video formats that include 720 and 1080 high definition standards. In the new compression methods, the cameras generate a super high data rate for high definition.
There are two types of cameras in the market that both come in a range of packages.

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There is the bullet camera that used to be more popular in the past and is being overtaken by the spy cameras where they are available in color although there are still black and white according to the article. According to the article, the resolution of the camera is believed to be a critical specification. The most common is the old analog standard NTSC video with a total of 525 lines that are interlaced at 30 frames per second and the common intermediate format is as well available. The digital cameras are known to provide a higher resolution with the current standard VGA with 640 by 480 pixels. The frame rate is another factor that is tied to resolution as it generates tons of videos to store or transmit while the fps is considered a real time. Many cameras today are found to include a microphone from audio pick up and motion detection circuitry that automatically turns the cameras when motion is detected.
The wireless connectivity has also been found to contribute more to the surveillance systems. In the past, the cable installations have been found to be costly, time-consuming and off-putting, they were also limiting as the cameras could not be installed at points where they could give the best visibility. A wireless link can be helpful in solving these problems. A better wireless connectivity can be established from anywhere from a central collection point. The installation of the wireless connection is seen to be fast, easy and affordable as compared to the cable plant. Its viability is because it is the technology that is currently available to support the data rates that is needed over a reasonable distance.
According to the article, video surveillance is now powerful than t was in the past. The cameras used today are seen to be digital with high definitions contrary to the analog black and white color cameras. The installation of digital cameras has been made easier with the wireless technology that has cut down the costs of all the installations.



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