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favorite civil liberty and civil right

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Date Favorite Civil Liberty and Civil Right
My favorite civil liberty is the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is a way of communicating individual ideas, perceptions and opinions without fear and intimidation of the authority and government. Anyone human being has a right to articulate or express himself without minding the reaction of the surrounding people.
All the same the government restricts the communication or speech in some given situations. Some of the general limitations to this freedom include obscenity, fighting words, pornography, slander, sedition, libel and incitement. These limitations, however, apply only when a third party is affected and cause a negative impact to the one affected. The ruling authority and other institution have put some restriction policies that hinder the freedom of expression some unique political reasons like hate speech.
Freedom of speech is identified in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right as well as in the law of global human right that is contained in the International Agreement of political and civil rights. This article outlines that all humans have the right to hold ideas and opinions without any form of intrusion; also everyone has got the right of freedom of articulation. The right will include the freedom to receive, impart and seek ideas in addition to information.
In terms of civil rights, my favorite is the right to a fair trial. This right is very fundamental as it is defined in Article 10 in the rule of law across all the nations.

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Any form of trial within these countries will be deemed or considered unfair if it does not respect this right and shall be restarted. However, there is no universal law that states examples of what is fair or unfair trial under this law. The procedures for fair trial vary from country to country.

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