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Female Sexism In Advertising Creativity

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Female sexism in advertising creativity

In the advertising field there has always been a great gap and exploitation towards women. The treatment of a man and a woman in the commercial industry is completely different in his way of representing and selling it. The image of a naked woman sells more than a woman with clothes due to the lack of sexual education and gender equality.

Society progresses progressively, but stereotypes remain the same. A woman cannot leave without a shirt just like a man because she runs many dangers, to achieve this goal, all the beliefs and skills of society must be rethink.

The objective of the essay is to demonstrate and raise awareness of sexism towards women, there are alternatives to create healthy and creative advertising. Without confusing sensuality with something sexual, identifying that the human being is not a sexual object. Both the man and the woman are equal have the same skills and skills to perform the same job

Advertising companies show women in a domestic sphere being successful at home, maternity, cleaning, cooking in addition to worrying about their beauty. While man puts him as a successful, intelligent professional, dedicated to working to obtain money and independence.

Clearly, the difference between the two genres and the lack of creativity of the people behind them can be noticed, since in the middle of the twenty -first century the same stereotypes as before, leaving aside the idea that men and women can perform thesame job

Wait! Female Sexism In Advertising Creativity paper is just an example!

“The woman appears as an object in some aesthetic and other sexual cases both in the written press and on television. It continues to represent as another object of consumption ”(Epin, Marin, & Lajo, 2004)

The advertising of large companies create this need for women to take these works in the hope that they get fame and more job offers, for this reason they accept and that is where it becomes a loop without exit

The big monopolies use the image of women, since it is a great marketing strategy, this type of advertising sells more and it is effective this is clearly observed in perfume propaganda, home products, cosmetics, lingerie, among others

Since the image of the woman sells more this can be used in the field of health in order that there is more acceptance and popularity by the public.

The image of the woman being more delicate and soft can be related to many things such as the sweet aroma of a perfume, the elegance of fashion, the love of a mother, the thorough care of health, among others.

Thanks to advertising actresses and models have been announced and more doors have been opened in the workplace despite the sexist image, many women identify with them.

In conclusion, advertising is done to inform and publicize consumers, it is good that they use the image of women, but they should be more creative when representing them, since they are not a simple object of decoration orentertainment taking into account a variety and gender equality, since a man can make the same role as a woman and vice versa.  

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