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Flowers of the Air 2

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Flowers of the Air
As I opened up my eyes, I could see the golden sunrays penetrating through a small hole in the hardwood window in my small bedroom. “I’ll get someone to fix that hole!” mum would always yell every time she walked into my room during such mornings, but would quickly forget her pledge as soon as she walked out of the door; but I didn’t mind, I liked it that way. As I lazily dragged myself out of bed, I could hear melodious whistling coming from the yard; I knew that sound. I stretched my cramped body as I slowly reached to open up the window, which gave a perfect view of grandpa’s garden, where he was busy attending to some flowers. Looking through the opened window, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to absorb the fresh summer air that was enriched with a charming natural scent. As I opened my eyes, I excitedly waved and smiled at grandpa who beckoned me to join him in the garden. The excitement in me could not be concealed as I wore my tiny gumboots and ran down the flight of stairs into the living room. As I hastily walked through the kitchen, I said a quick hello to mom and grandma who were busy preparing breakfast.
As soon as I reached the garden, I jumped up and down with eagerness and nodded in affirmation when grandpa asked, “ready for another adventurous day?”Grandpa’s yard, which was landscaped, had a spectacular look enhanced by the mixture of colors from different types of flowers. My favorite part of the garden was the ‘butterfly corner’ which grandpa had purposely designed to attract butterflies.

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It had milkweed plants and small rocks that collected rainwater which, as grandpa explained, acted as a source of food and water for the butterflies. At that time, I referred to these insects as ‘flowers of the air’ since I visualized them as flower petals, with a variety of colors, sprinkled in the air. Knowing how much the insects fascinated me, grandpa taught me more about them. With every passing day my interest in these‘flowers of the air’ grew immensely; not only because of their physical beauty but also because as I grow older, I resonate with them more.
As I walk home from school through our estate’s boulevard, years after these great summer mornings at grandpa’s garden, I spot the ravishing monarch butterfly as it flutters its wings. I smile and excitedly reflect upon the lessons and what these beautiful creatures symbolize in my life. I still recall grandpa’s voice as he explained to the five-year-old me how the butterflies’ wings are covered with scales that resemble roof shingles yet their color and pattern attract their mates. These “beautiful scars” in butterflies have been a constant reminder of my life to always embrace my flaws, be confident, not to judge others and appreciate people regardless of their weaknesses. Similar to how a broken butterfly wing can be fixed (Markus, 1), I have learned to appreciate second chances in life and values like courage, persistence, and endurance have been instilled in me.
The role butterflies play in pollination of flowers motivates me to always try my level best and add value to those around me. Additionally, I have learned that the end of one thing or phase is the beginning of another amazing one just like the end of a caterpillar’s phase marks the beginning of a butterfly’s life (Bach, 1). In the same way, the end of a high school phase marks the beginning of a fantastic chapter of college filled with more amazing opportunities to learn, grow and add value to the society. The priceless summer mornings with grandpa gave me the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons and draw inspiration from butterflies which have molded me. As I start another phase of my academic journey, I only hope to carry these lessons with me as I spread my wings to fly higher.
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