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Gattaca the movie

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Relation between The Gattaca movie and chapter 4 of David G. Myers’ Psychology book
Given the genetic makeup of Vincent Freeman, he has become less suitable to travel to the stars and only useful for menial jobs according to the society. The fact here implies that our cultures shape what the society expects in terms of different gender, race and genetic composition, etc. However, he assumes the identity of Marrow, who is a perfect genetic specimen and a paraplegic from a car accident to achieve his dreams.
During the time of Gattaca Corporation, the society analyzes one’s DNA to place him where he belongs in life. The incident can be attributed to the theory of Psychology of peer influence where children just like adults try to fit into a particular group by conforming. Peers are very influential to such areas like trying to cooperate with others to gain popularity and develop interactions. This fact suggests why Ethan Hawke, who was born with a congenital heart condition, would fail to get a chance to travel to space.
Human also has the tendency to evolve cultures. From the movie, we learn that the society was using one’s DNA to discriminate during that time. The incident is contrary to the current world where different societies use different parameters for ranking purposes. Vincent, who was a baby born into a sterile, genetically improved world was due to die at thirty and had no chance of career development. He assumes Jerome’s identity and achieves prominence in Gattaca Corporation.

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We can attribute this incident to the fact that a several of human traits have been identified due to the pressure that is afforded by natural selection. The incident explains infants tend to fear strangers when become mobile.
In a nutshell, a man genetically inferior assumes a superior identity to pursue his dream of space travel. We can relate this to the evolutionary theory of natural selection that suggests that; it is an evolutionary process that adaptive traits are passed on to the next generation because these traits enable animals to survive.

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