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Global Sociocultural Responsibility: Prepared to participate actively as informed and responsible citizens in social, cultural, global and environmental matters.

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Global Sociocultural Responsibility.
A trip to Barcelona is one ideal get-away for the opportunity to help mould me in the exchange of skills, knowledge, attitudes and experiences with the people and students from around Barcelona, Madrid and Spain at large, as I seek to become a well-moulded, informed and responsible citizen in social, cultural, environmental and global matters.
Socially, this trip would help me interact with fellow students from around Barcelona and seek to bond beyond the norm of mass media such as through television; social media such as through Facebook, Twitter among other technologies. Firsthand I would have the opportunity to interact with students and the people of Spain. This would help build my interpersonal skills of communicating with other people effectively and efficiently, and to learn how to play a greater and more appreciative role as a member of a team. I believe that I strongly would build a network that is so important for any graduate as they step out of college and the ability to navigate and fit into different work environments.
The people of Spain have incredible and amazing cultures. A visit to the Dali Museum and the many other museums in Barcelona and Madrid would help me explore the Spanish culture I would get the opportunity to share across our different cultures as well as for research and learning. This would make me very competent in my academic skill across different cultures as well as develop an appreciation, respect and skill for their culture as I develop the knowledge and skills to interact effectively in such an environment granted the opportunity.

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Again, this interaction would help me realize the across-the-board issues that could be relevant to my professional practice later on in my career. An understanding of how I could effectively transfer my skills and knowledge to people of such a different culture would come in handy.
Environmentally, this trip would give me the opportunity to learn more about the environment on that other side of the world, more so on our environment’s sustainability and, on a global scale, the climate change. Learning firsthand as I take walking, and sightseeing tours would give me ideas on how better I can import or export sustainable environment protection measures and be challenged to do more to ensure that our environment works best for us all who dwell on the planet. Moreover, I would identify opportunities to ‘export’ some measures to protect the environment to my home country.
As a global student, this exchange programme would provide me with the opportunity to learn about the political and economic state of Spain. My trips would provide me with an insight into Spain’s foreign policy, its relations in the global scene and its foreign affairs directory. The trip would also enlighten me on the status of Spain’s position on international trade, finance and economics. Bryant defines a Global Citizen as “a person with the ability to work, play and live somewhere other than the land of their birth…” (34). This trip would help me learn a great deal by being greatly aware and appreciative of the different people, their political and economic status and being able to harness and competently merge this diversity in a harmonious way. This would help me be able to adapt better in different environments, be it local, national, regional or national.

Work Cited.
Bryant, De. “The Everyone, Everywhere: Global Dimensions of Citizenship. A More Perfect Vision: The Future of Campus Engagement.” 2006. Web. 21 Dec. 2015.

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