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Goodbye my Son

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Goodbye my Son
I have never thought it would reach a point where I would write this type of letter but I have to do it. I am writing this on my deathbed; this is after getting involved in an accident at my workplace where I severed serious head and spinal injuries. I am struggling to write this, but I have to say goodbye, since I am not sure whether I will make it through. I know it is painful, but we have to part, do not mourn so much about me because I am going to a better place where there is no struggle or pain. I am just praying that God relives me the pain that I am going through by taking my life because I have lost hope; doctors have already said I will not survive and I concur with them.

I wish you all the best in the rest of your life and make sure you pursue your dreams, be the doctor you have always wanted to be, and do not let anything distract you from achieving your goals. Promise me that you will still be the person that I have taught you to be, God-fearing and a go-getter, meanwhile, as I rest in peace, be sure that I will be watching you in heaven. I miss the moments we shared together, and as a mother, it pains me to leave you, my only son. Your father will take good care of you, and you will never lack. I want you to know that you have never been a disappointment to me, and I love you so much, my dear son. May God reward you for being an obedient child. Goodbye, my son, we will meet in heaven.

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