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Health Information Technology

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I am a Health Information Technology major, and I will be soon taking an associate degree in 26th June 2015. I will be going back to Devry University in September, for my Bachelor degree in Health Information Management. My past and present experiences will help rebuild my future. I am not sure what it will bring, but I definitely can use my intuitive power and sixth sense, to have a glimpse into the future, the near future at least, say another five years. I need to talk a bit about my past and present, to show the pattern of my future, in those next five years.
Nature of my subject
What is Health information Technology? This is a computerized system of health information for storage and usage amongst health officials, scientists, administrative staff, academic staff, patients, students and also laymen. An efficient distribution and access of information require an organized platform, through tools, techniques, logical and scientific organization and that is where Health Information Technology evolved as a science or as an engineering subject. Starting from patients’ details, background and history, mainly clinical, and relevantly non-clinical, all kinds of knowledge on different branches of medical and biological sciences, specific health sciences as a subject discipline, research materials, journals, magazines, articles, are all stored in the electronic format. One can find the entire range of bio and medical literature, in a condensed form on the internet through the click of a mouse, in the comfortable domains of one’ own home or hostel or library or classroom or office.

Wait! Health Information Technology paper is just an example!

This is my contribution, present, and future, as a health information technologist-application in the domain of health science access in an easy and scientific manner.
Nature of my degree
An associate degree is not a full majors degree in the bachelors’ arena, since it is not awarded by a full- fledged University program, but by a community college, junior or technical college, lasting for two years, and not the usual four years. This is a limitation, but in certain other ways, you are given a hands-on experience, so your practical experience is much superior, in my case the database designing of health information for its various applications.
What is Health Information Management?
Armed with an associate degree in health science information technology, I would be venturing into Health information Management. From a technology personnel to a managerial personnel. The transition and the transformation still remain to be seen, but I can just get a few glimpses of it. The nature of my future subject will give an insight into my coming years, and a difference also, between my present subject, both related to each other to a great extent. Health Information Management is the post application of the work done by the health information technologist. In other words, the designed system with the content, to be maintained is the work of the health information management expert. Hence I would have the technical skills and creativity on one hand, and the corporate- managerial, social and human skills, on the other, to build up myself in both my academic and occupational arena.
Health Information Management is acquiring, analyzing and protecting digital and traditional medical records to provide quality patient care. Such professionals plan and develop systems, plan policies and locate current and future health needs. They work with the entire medical range and also legal, financial and ethical institutions. They are the key people to identify priorities and determine innovative solutions.
In the next five years, there would be intensive study in an extensive range for me, and just the beginnings of learning the ropes of applying what I have learnt in an organization, where I can use my technical knowledge in the administrative field so that quality health care is ensured for all.

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