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Health sex education intervention article summary

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Parent-Child communication as an intervention for sexual health education and it impacts Among African-American and Hispanics
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Sexual health education involves activities that relate to human sexuality. Some of the issues addressed in sexual health education include reproductive health, sexual activities, human anatomy, hormonal changes, safe sex, sex-related diseases, methods of birth controls, and abstinence. Sexual education is an important topic to young adults and the adolescent as they have several issues regarding their growth and development. For instance, adolescents’ years are characterized by changes in the sexual body anatomy brought about by hormones. As such, this topic is essential as its contents resonate with the lives of these young adults. Nonetheless, there is a requirement for effective interventions to practically communicate these topics and instill these vital values in the young adults. When the young adults learn and understand sexual health education, they easily bypass adulthood safely. This paper evaluates parent-child communication intervention strategy and its impacts on the lives of young adults as directed by Madeline, Sarah, Yzette, and Kim (2013).
Previously, it was taken a taboo to talk about sexual health education to the young adults in the school and other engagement seminars (Medeline et al., 2013). Therefore, the duty of talking to the teenagers was left to their parents and never taught in school.

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Hence, if parents were busy and never had enough time for their children due to their tight schedule, children had a rough time during adolescent, and few of them navigated this stage successfully. Most of these young adults had problems with their sexuality, where most contracted sexually transmitted diseases, and got unwanted pregnancies. However, nowadays, things have improved since sexual health education is talked in schools. Thus parents have little work; in guiding their children. Parents are therefore required to reinforce what their children are taught in schools and other engagement seminars.
Results of the Intervention
This intervention strategy has been effective in the control of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and unplanned pregnancies (Medeline et al., 2013). Additionally, the intervention has also contributed to the improved social hygiene as the adolescents understand themselves well and are to plan for their body hygiene. The performance of the African-American girl child had been dwindling in the recent past due to the challenges of sexual health education; however, the initiative of parent-child communication has significantly improved the results. Most importantly this has been the most effective intervention in the control of HIV among the adolescents and the young adults. HIV and AIDS disease has been prevalent among African-Americans with cases of new infection increasing. However, the adoption of this initiative has significantly contributed to the declining cases of new infections. The overall welfare of this group has significantly improved since resources that were previously allocated to sexual health education interventions, are now allocated to other sectors in the economy, for instance, development of infrastructure.
The contributions of the sexual health education cannot be over-emphasized as this subject has positively contributed to the reduced cases of HIV and AIDs. HIV and AIDS have been on the increase among the young adults and adolescents due to the lack of an effective sexual health education strategy. In the same vein, this intervention of the parent-child communication has improved social hygiene and reduced cases of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. Also, the performance of African-American girl child has drastically improved over the years.
Madeline Y. Sutton, Sarah M. Lasswell, Yzette Lanier, and Kim S. Miller (2013). Impact of Parent-Child Communication Interventions on Sex Behaviors and Cognitive Outcomes for Black/African-American and Hispanic/Latino Youth: A Systematic Review, 1988–2012. Journal of Adolescence Health V 54(4), pp 365-384. Retrieved on 12th January 2018 from

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