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How and why academic discourse differ from more popular discourse

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How and why academic discourse differs from more popular discourse
Analysis of science accommodation develops an insight of different kind of writing between the mass media report and the scientific report on the scientific findings. However, the mass media report is normally generated from the scientific report whereby the scientific findings are reported in the mass media using a more simplified language compared to the one used in the scientific report. On the other hand, this paper will develop an insight of the writing and thinking concepts used in analyzing the differences between the mass media report and the scientific report based on a scientific finding topic on autism. However, the concept of analyzing science accommodation enacts ability to understand different writing and thinking values.
The initial observation on the analysis between the mass media report and the scientific report on the genetic mutation of the autism, I identified that, both reports are different in the sense that, mass media report appears to be lengthy with a clear language which is comprehensive to a non-specialist person while the scientific report appears to be short with a complicated language that can be comprehended by a specialist in that field, perhaps only a little English words are comprehensive. However, in a further context of identifying the difference between the two reports, writing is a factor that should be considered.

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Moreover, a difference in writing between the two reports whereby one is written by a mass media specialist and the other one is written by a biological specialist.
On the other hand the rhetorical situation in the writing between the two report has quite a big difference whereby you find the exigencies in the mass media report generally emphasize on the discovery of the new genes that can lead to the cause of autism, while on the other hand the scientific research reports on some other genes that are disrupted in the autism. Eventually, there is kind of contradiction between the exigencies factor of the two reports. Moreover, the context in the media report is written in a lengthy way and well simpler with comprehensive words unlike in the scientific reports, this further conceptualize that the scientific report generally dwells on biological technical jargons while the mass media has a duty to transform the scientific jargons into words that are comprehensive.
In the scientific report the claims made on the disruption of the Synaptic, transcriptional and chromatin genes in autism is supported by scientific evidence which can be comprehended by a specialist while on the other hand claims made in the mass media report normally rely on the research study reported by the scientist, therefore the claims are not efficiently reliable since some information may be contradicting. Basically, the genre between the two generated report is quite different in the sense that, the mass media report is contextually designed for the audience as a news report while the scientific media report is designed as a research article for academic scholars to use it during their studies .generally there is shifting f genre in a rhetorical situation in the sense that the mass media report will be accessed by large audience compared to scientific report since its context is clearly comprehensive unlike the scientific context which can be comprehended by a small audience who might be the specialists in that particular field.
In addition, the scientific claims does not expound on the significance of the scientific findings for the sake of the audience, for instance, it could have stated the significance of the disruption of the autism genes meanwhile this could be helpful to an audience that might interpret the scientific context. The mass media report gives the significance of the scientific report in order to enlighten the audience. More so, the significance of the claims given by the mass media reports generally dwell on the scientific discovery and thus significantly serve the purpose of educating the audience about the scientific findings.
Furthermore, the mass media rely mostly on interview sources, this by interviewing the scientist who has written the scientific report, through an interactive interview, relevant information is gathered for accommodating the scientific report. The scientific report relies on the other sources which are retrieved from the previous reports concerning scientific research. Basically the quoted interview report are not found in the scientific report since the media report is an accommodation of the scientific research, however, the scientific report is compiled with first-hand information which recorded from the scientific findings. The changes on between the two report has no any effect despite the fact the media report is normally a reported information compiled from other scientific reports while the scientific reports are normally compiled and recorded from the observation findings.
In general, the difference obtained in the two reports shows a clear indication that academic writers are not only professionals but they are also academic giant. Their piece of writing is evident that it dwells so much on both practical and theoretical observations. However, unlike the media writers and editors, academic writers seem not to rely on interviews so that they can write a scientific report. Nevertheless they dwell on detailed research in a specialized field of study. Moreover, academic writing is more important in the sense that, it would be used as a source of reference by scholars and on the other the information would be used in classrooms for teaching. Basically, the difficult section on the scientific is to analyze the context, this is constrained by indifference in the academic field. Interpreting the technical jargons that are used to frame the content of the report happens to be a dream and I intend to think that is why mass media report is essential due to the non-specialist in certain specific fields.
In conclusion, the mass media report has a well defined rhetorical situation in a manner that, its rhetoric use a simple and precise context to deliver the exigencies to the audience which targeted in large number however, the writing of a mass media report is not subjected to a specialist audience rather to both specialist and non-specialist. On the other hand, mass media report is a not a reliant source of information since sometimes it might contradict with the original scientific report due to different sources. Scientific report’s writing is reliable and efficient since it developed from an original idea of practical observations. However, the information may be limited due to undoubtful reasons that the writing may be used by the only specific group of audience. The constraint is as a result of the difference in the specialization of the academic field. Moreover, the concept of analyzing science accommodation enacts ability to understand different writing and thinking values
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