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how did i choose my major

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The reason I chose mechanical engineering as my major
As a student, the choice of subjects is often informed by personal goals, ambitions and above all, passion. Choosing to major in a given area of specialization needs a serious deliberation and a great deal of an afterthought.
As a student, the basis for choosing a major in mechanical engineering was solely based on my good performance in mathematics and science. As if this was nothing to go by, I had curiosity in design and evaluation of systems used in end product production. “ In some regions, engineers have combined multiple sources of power to fuel growing needs” (page 5) .The compelling desire to use and work with machines composed of hydraulic and the electric system was reason enough to employ my mathematical and scientific skill learned in high school to practice mechanical engineering (Constable et al, 63).
The thought that creating something that is tangible and of vital use in the major of mechanical engineering, appeared to be a window of opportunity to derive satisfaction. “ so deep-seated was Fords belief in the value of simplicity and standardization….”. The satisfaction in simply serving the society, just like Ford, with an idea that as useful and tangible compelled me to this major since I would live to be remembered (Constable et al, 67).
The fact that mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering major compelled me without any possible doubt that I could fit almost anywhere and perform as well as the experts in that field.

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The research I did show that anybody who has majored on mechanical engineering could major in security, High-end R&D, design “Basic helicopter performance theory is used to analyze single and co‐axial rotor performance in hover flight, as well as single‐rotor configurations in forward flight”, entrepreneurship, energy sector and high-end (R&D Filippone, Antonio, 23-45).
The most important thing is that I will by the end of my course, form a human resource that is required to so that any industry can be sustained and simply mean I form the backbone of the modern and current human life.” the history of human‐power vertical flight, from the speculative ideas of Leonardo da Vinci to the AHS Human‐Powered Prize”Being the person who generates power from naturally occurring resources, mine and process mineral incomparable to how the blood of human work when nutrients re being supplied (Filippone, Antonio, 23-45).The idea that mechanical engineers are among the most top-paid professions in the world was a point in addition to my good performance in mathematics and sciences. “ ..a profession of high recognition..” The factor of money is important these economic times where needs have become expensive to sustain. Considering also all the other professions, the second reason people choose them is so that they can earn a living (National Science Foundation, 78).
Along with lawyers and doctors, engineers are also professionals who in all ways have a lot of prestige. The family members and relatives are always proud of you. The desired job image is gained as one pursues a professional that supports global and international competitiveness and living standards. “.. the world amazes at the wonders of engineering principles..” The thought is looking great as a mechanical engineer prompted me beyond doubt that I needed to one (National Science Foundation, 78).
With the knowledge of mechanical engineering, it was going to help me develop and grow in my way of thinking which now compelled me to this field. The career of a mechanical engineer forces them to work on many skills that are transferable which include critical reasoning and the process of problem-solving.” Even an innovation as useful as the self-starter could meet resistance…..” The critical thinking is also intensified by the involvement in the study of a wide variety of topics in the field which art, languages and engineering courses. The given ability to know more and to posse the useful, needed skills develop me as a person that is fulfilling in the long ran (Constable et al, 67).
The fact that I have always wanted a good challenge in my to get rid of boredom in this life further gave me a reason enough to pursue mechanical engineering. Thought both in my study and the future carrier, I am faced with problems that require a lot of logical analysis and a lot of creativity since problems are extremely diverse in nature.” The configurations examined lead to conclude that human‐powered hover out of ground effect and forward flight are not possible”. The real world problems are always open-ended, and no one can talk of a specific answer and this will require me to find a solution and after am convinced I stand up to it. The thought of engineering challenges appeared to me as something that I was to look forward to as I prepared to on mechanical engineering class (Filippone, Antonio, 23-45).
It is completely evident that a person who has engineering education can discover without struggle how the world works. As a mechanical engineer, a will be involved in dealing with most recent issues that include the technology of electric cars and nuclear reactors. The skills enable one to get up to date knowledge about technology while seeking answers, and this makes one feel like an essential part of this world. “learning about engineering concepts is a lifelong process..” The world knowledge is learned as engineering is interconnected with research and science. The idea that would solve the most mind-boggling problems likes how to avoid technologies that cause cancer just by the use of science prompted me to join in the field of mechanical engineering (National Science Foundation, 78).
My exceptional abilities in both mathematics and sciences gave me an idea of how much the society needs me. “..That engineering is essentially the application of mathematics and science to develop useful products or processes”. The thought and research ended up that since the olden day’s mechanical engineer have worked to benefit society in the sectors which involve safety and security precaution and all mechanism of transportation, to technologies and all devices which make life better. The engineers always help in the making of a better tomorrow, and I wanted to be part of this and choose to be a mechanical engineer (Ulrich et al, 68).
Nobody wants to be something like a nut a whole huge corporate machine. The study of mechanical engineering provides one with skills and knowledge to become your boss when you open up the business of your own. The exposure one gets in the field of business becoming familiar with things to do with marketing and finance makes a mechanical engineer manage a company. “The business prospered from the start and in the introduction of model T in 1980….” With the technical knowhow, the final product will a product to be of high demand. The thought of this gave me more than enough knowledge to be a mechanical engineer (Constable et al, 67).
Given the fact that everyone is looking for a choice in the modern one, a mechanical engineer. Has a wide range of choices and its only hard to make a decision of where you want to fit. The fact is that engineers are in very high demand apart from being interesting. Once you become an engineer, you can also earn an MBA and proceed further to greater careers. When I thought of how mechanical engineering opens up many paths for future, I saw a great opportunity that would enable me venture into the mystery of the world of academics (Collins et al, 35-67).
Throughout my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the huge amount of work is done by robots and how cars are designed. My dad was a mechanic, and once in a while I could visit his workshop and I could not help to wonder how the engine works. The core issue was that my satisfaction was not met by just revolving around the outer beauty of machines but to learn how they manage all the operations and the inner complexities. The compulsion was way too high that I ended up asking many questions, and that’s how I found out that a wanted to be a mechanical engineer and my grades in school supported the same idea (Ulrich et al, 68).
The mechanical engineering is currently among the most rapidly advancing in the high technology industries. “The witnesses of technology development is so vivid and no one can miss it” I have the basic know-how machines achieve the magnificent goals through both documentaries and research. The thought of learning more about this industry and broadening my understanding makes me happier, and even content and this is all human being want. I went a step further to join a university that provides me with the key features and all desirable opportunities to achieve the dream of becoming a prominent mechanical engineer. I can’t help to say that documentaries have played a great role inform of mentorship to becoming a mechanical engineer despite my academic qualifications (Ulrich et al, 64).
I particularly enjoy the aspect of the direct application of what I learn from class to the world outside. The story dates back when I was my high school; we learned about friction and how weight and the coefficient of friction work together to determine the exact value of friction. I calculated the coefficient of friction between a cup and a table and basing both on weight and angle of inclination; I was able to determine the friction at which the cup started to make a motion. “Engineers in the United states were often in the vanguard of invention…” My physics teacher encouraged to pursue mechanical engineering since I had a thorough knowledge of physics. I can bot rule out that this was among major factors I choose to become a mechanical engineer as this encouragement kept motivating me (Constable et al, 67)
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