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Human Cloning

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Human Cloning
In the argument passage about human cloning, there are different controversies that have come along with science and technology. The author argues that it has imposed many choices to human activities that leave them suffering immense consequences. However, detecting the consequences is hard since it has incorporated various approaches in the society that give a promising outcome. Therefore, lots of people regret afterward. The author tries to evaluate the issue of human cloning and how it has been supported by many scientists. Moreover, its practices and procedures that have been proved right and evidences provided. Many researchers have tried to convince people; they have managed to get a large population believing that human cloning has some technical importance on humanity (Neky, 2008). On the contrary, they have failed to let people understand its negative results on human development are. As a result, the author wants to create awareness to people and then leave them to make their choices.
It is true human cloning gives a chance to scientists to produce humans who are genetically identical to others. The main problem comes after the clones have been formed. Most people and especially in the developing countries do not give much attention to it; the act has not yet been experienced in the area. Thus, the author wants to show people that cloning is a global hazard even though it’s done in one part of the world. With globalization, people are now connected than ever.

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Hence, allowing the problems of one nation to be the problems of the other. No individual can consider him/her safe when other nations are suffering. In the 21st century, nations have started realizing the impact of some world’s processes and hence creating a strong bond between themselves. Today, Each and every issue is addressed internationally. Therefore, for the human being to survive and live a moderate life, all situations regarding science should be taken as a global rather than nationally.
The author continues to show how people are competing with God. Children are a gift from the Almighty and need to be cared for and loved. When an individual gets a child, it’s a pleasure because it shows the love of God to humanity. Therefore, cloning any creature is going against God’s plan for humanity. They, therefore, fail to consider their creator and hence to make themselves unique by trying to do what God has done. Since not all people support the issue of human cloning, a gap has been created between the scientists and those who oppose such activities. As a result, societies are now piercing off due to the differences. Some societies believe children are creatures that require being natured and taken care of. On the other hand, some people believe children should be engineered and designed according to human being likes. The different approaches motivate the author to argue to make the world a better place to live in.
Also, the author wants a person to feel human cloning is violating the rights of medical ethics. It says that human being should not be exploited for others to survive. The fore mentioned ethic tries to support its perspective and hence it uses all the approaches that within it reach. The same applies to other scientific process rather than human cloning. Moreover, the author’s argument leaves people concluding everything in the world is a matter of proving and giving clear evidence to support it. The strategy has left scientists ruling the world through their weird activities since they can prove it essential to the society.
In the argument passage, the author also clearly shows that by having clear supportive points of once ideas make it presentable. Lots of people are spending sleepless nights trying to get points that will support their ideas. They don’t care if the ideas value humanity, all they care about is the gain of the outcome. Therefore, it proves that human beings are slowly continuing to disregard other people welfare. In some years beyond the line, the universe will be individually owned since people who have some common believes will be working together. People who will have poor stance will be left behind, and thus it will be easy to rule the world.
The argument also opens one’s mind to realize how some nations like the United States value the act. In most developed nations, human cloning has become more ramparts and hence leaving some few people wondering the consequences it has on the whole universe. Some report shows that human cloning was done for the purpose of protection and keeping desirable characteristics within the community. It thus created awareness to people since some people were more than good to afford to lose. The author himself is not happy with the activity. Some people have taken advantage of the whole situation and hence started cloning people with bad characteristics. Rather than maintaining the first strategy of keeping desirable characteristics of human being, some people want to benefit by doing it their way.
Since it has become a global challenge, it should be left to some agencies that are ruled by the government. Acts of cloning are not supposed to be realized by all people. The main challenge is the technology that exposes everything to the society. Moreover, education has advanced, and almost everybody can learn how to perform cloning through research and practical activities.
According to the argument, some agencies are finding ways of eradicating the whole activity; it thus close to impossible due to some reasons. First, since cloning was introduced many samples have been given out and placed in different labs all over the world. Destroying all the samples is not an easy task and hence leaving the issue uninterrupted. Moreover, detecting a cloned child is hard.
The argument fails to address the issue to learning and experience. If they succeed on destroying the samples that are already taken, they cannot succeed on erasing or eliminating all people who have the experience of human cloning. The issue of cloning has also been apportioned in the academic curriculum. People can now access and study the materials either online or even going to the libraries. The fore mentioned reasons make the whole perspective complicated. It thus leaves people with no hopes of eliminating it. Therefore, people need to learn themselves about the outcomes it has on the society and try to emulate those lessons in making it a better place to leave in.
The author continues to argue how the process has caused various problems to most women. Since the process requires embryonic tissues that are injected together, most women have felt it’s a good chance of selling their eggs as well as donating (Espejo, 2009). Further, the argument shows how risk it is to the lives of many women. They have been suffering since the society is turning on to them; they fear even to walk alone as kidnapping and exploitation have become rampart (Neky, 2008). Moreover, it has proven the aspects of surviving through other people. People have buried their morals and started taking others as just creatures that deserve to be exploited.
Moreover, the author says that the law cannot help cloning activities; people need to take the initiative of making the environment safe for everyone (Macintosh, 2005). It thus requires men and women to hold hands and works towards the welfare of the other. It is not a matter of how resources are delegated or how technology has advanced; it is a matter of how people should live with peace and harmony. Therefore, people should find other ways of benefiting themselves rather than using others. Each and every person has the opportunity to live and share in the welfare of the state with no one exploiting either.
The argument also addresses the issue of human cloning; there are many assumptions that end up contradicting people’s behavior. The law itself cannot find ways of eradicating it. Moreover, people making such laws are aware of cloning and hence forcing people to forget it is a great challenge.
Furthermore, there are some benefits associated with cloning and how it has recently helped people to preserve desirable traits of people. Looking at how cloning was used in the past, it clear farmers used it to keep the good characteristics of their best animals. It really worked well and hence benefiting many nations. Controversies started arising with the advanced technology that has changed everything in the universe. As a result, it turned all the good intentions of cloning to be the worst experiences of human being. The laws that were set to guide the cloning process were disregarded as more people learned how to do it. People started using it as a way of doing business rather than for the welfare of the society. Some reports show that some clones have been produced to encourage immoral behaviors. It thus gives researchers a hard time to convince people that cloning is good. The author continues to argue that most people and especially those that have tasted it in the wrong way believe cloning has brought none than suffering to human beings.
In conclusion, the argument tries to show how God created a human being to be a special creature. He also gave him the authority over other creatures. On the contrary, He didn’t give him the authority to produce other human beings. Moreover, when a person dies, it’s taken as the will of God. A human being through learning and experiences in the world has started competing with God. He thinks he can keep an individual for as long he can through maintaining the species as clones. According to the author, acts of cloning have not only violated God’s will but also they have failed to honor ethics of humanity. Thus, the world has become competitive as people are even competing with God. Therefore, the same people who induce bad morals and acts to the society should take the initiative of eradicating them. Laws can’t help since they are also formed by the same people.
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