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In Recent Years, Villain And Antihero Profiles.

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In recent years, villain and antihero profiles.


In recent years, villain and antihero profiles seem to have recurrently assumed the leading role in fiction series. Movies, series and television programs based on mystery and terror come and go. They are born, reproduce and die. These are stories that seek to capture the attention of the public through a novel concept developed in a avant -garde way, trying to become an object of instantaneous worship and fascination.


Gone are the classic hero and the identification of the spectator with the right and admirable. New approaches and new looks have placed the serial killer in a privileged position in television programming. The Killers serial, fashion posts from the 70s, embody a criminal culture, which features a show of horror and perversion, which attracts specialists, journalists, producers, advertisers, and, above all, to the publicCaptive for the madness that lives in the overtions of the murderers.

We live in an atmosphere of daily violence and crime. And it is the power of television and the Internet that has been used as a source to show violence engendered by the same society, trying to demonstrate whether it is life that mimics cinema or vice versa, entering the minds of the most brutal criminals.

The term of Serial Killer or serial killer was coined in the 70s by the FBI agent, Robert Ressler, to describe a person whose criminal conduct is repetitive: the facts, victims and situations are variations of the same crime, which carryThe murderer to repeat, and even to perfect, a method with extreme sadism and perversion.

Wait! In Recent Years, Villain And Antihero Profiles. paper is just an example!

A new type of murderer who began to proliferate vertiginously and killed again and again.

In recent years there is an enormous growth, especially in the television field, of this serial killer. A large number of these productions share numerous elements in common with the real and cinematographic serial murderers, which is why it is necessary to take a tour of the key moments and movies of the cinematographic history of the genre.


After reviewing the history of our protagonist, we will deal with the influence that has spread to the new narrative models of television fiction, giving rise to mass consumption products worldwide. The cinema, and of course television, did not miss the opportunity to enter the world of these murderers, and use them as a safe box office and audience hook. What arises in this work is an analysis of those series, based on both real facts and fiction, with which Netflix has taken advantage of the pull.

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