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included in instructions unit 3

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Discussions on Social Developments
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Building Educational World by Addressing Teacher Shortages in America
Why do we have the teacher shortage in the US?

• How can teacher shortages be addressed?
• What are the consequences of continued teacher shortages?
The persistent teacher shortages in America stemming from the reduced teacher quality since 1960’s, and across different subjects and grade levels do much harm than good to the American citizenry (Schneider, 2003). Every year, America releases graduands who are not entirely ripe for the workplace, and this contributes significantly to low quality workforce and reduced productivity. If there is no urgent action, worst is yet to come. Developing attitude change by all key stakeholders in education towards teacher development is most important in improving teacher quality and addressing shortages.
Benefits of a Recreation Centers
• Who can develop recreational center?
• How long would it take to build?
• How could a recreation center help our youth?
Over the years, recreational centers have developed significant values in youth including the acquisition of life skills, sports skills, and interpersonal skills, while at the same time staying out of trouble caused by idleness (Human Kinetics, 2013). Since their values are evident, policyholders must take initiatives to develop recreational centers for the youth. Evidence shows that recreational centers may take only six months to develop, but their impacts remain to be everlasting.

Wait! included in instructions unit 3 paper is just an example!

If we must develop our youth, then we must give them recreational center.

BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Human Kinetics. (2013). Introduction to Recreation and Leisure. New York: Human Kinetics Inc.
Schneider, M. (2003). Do school Facilities Affect Academic Outcomes? Washington, D.C: National Clearing house for Educational Facilities.

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