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Influence Of Transformational Leadership In Human Talent

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Influence of Transformational Leadership in Human Talent

This essay aims to expose the influence and strategic role of transformational leadership in the human talent of organizations, giving as a direct impact on organizational culture, as well as the efficiency and productivity of collaborators, since these variablesThey are closely related.


Leadership is a fundamental part today that allows to guide organizations to change, innovation and continuous improvement.

There are different types of leadership that are applied in organizations, however, in this case the relevance of transformational leadership in particular will be described and analyzed. However, to understand what it is and its influence within organizations, it is necessary to start from basic concepts related to this subject.

As mentioned (Mosquera, 2016), leadership develops the ability to direct other individuals, from a labor approach and it is vital that within a group of individuals the person suitable within that group is identified in that group to be able to direct them.

Likewise (Mosquera, 2016) mentions several characteristics of what is leadership, highlighting the capacities to be aware of emotions, opinions and all kinds of social behavior that may affect the performance of the group, maintaining and ethical thinking and sense of theresponsibility.

The term leadership, according to Noriega, can be addressed from two perspectives: as a personal quality of the leader or as a function within an organization, system, community or society;Being the last perspective that is most studied, due to the utilitarian interest that can provide greater benefit to the company.

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For (Alvero Pérez & Tillán Gómez, 1999) Leadership is a discipline whose exercise deliberately produces an influence on a given group in order to achieve a set of pre -established goals of a beneficial nature, useful for the satisfaction of the true needs of the group.

Said the above, it is necessary to understand that the effects that leaders can have on organizations will depend largely on the type of leadership exercised. In this case, the role of transformational leadership is very important with respect to how it contributes to the performance of the personnel within the organization.

This leadership is characterized by promoting the interests of the group or organization in order to achieve the objectives, thus giving the possibility of development for followers.

According to (Torres & Riaga, 2006) transformational leadership stimulates the emergence of workers’ aware.

Transformational leaders have a clear idea of how the company is projected in the future and create in their followers an innovative vision, as well as the subordination of personal interests to a common objective, thus achieving organizational development, which goes hand in hand with theProfessional and personal growth of collaborators.

Those leaders described as transformationals have positive effects on their organizations and their followers. These leaders are able to disseminate and modify the values and other elements of organizational culture more effectively. In addition, they achieve their followers, as they point out Bandura, Hater and Bass and Shamir and others, a firm commitment to the mission and objectives of the organization, as well as greater confidence in their own possibilities, through the intellectual stimulation of their subordinatesand the consideration of the differences between them.

For (Hermosilla et al., 2016) The leader’s ability to inspire, motivate and create commitment to common objectives is crucial. Position that agrees with what was mentioned by (National University of Colombia Medellín Headquarters, Colombia et al., 2017) since he mentions that a leader enables the transformation of individual capacities, turning them into organizational strengths to put them at the service of the organization and, thereby, allow their sustainability and endurance.


Analysis unit

Organizations or companies were determined as a unit of analysis because within them it develops more commonly, all types of leadership as the autocratic, democratic, transactional and transformational.

In the case of transformational leadership, we have that, it encourages the fluid development of communication with the working group, improving and developing the competencies of the staff and additionally forming a link between the leader and the entire group, which in turn increasesmotivation and encourages the achievement of objectives.


The study has a descriptive approach that is based on observation, that is, the analysis of documents related to transformational leadership.


As a main point it is necessary to define that this type of leadership is one of the most used currently within organizations because it encourages the involvement of a whole group. But not only develops within companies but within society itself.

An example of this type of leadership is that developed by Gandhi, who was transformational leader capable of influencing people’s behavior and aligning them towards a common goal, creating a nationalist movement that rejected violence.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that this type of leadership has some disadvantages and among these we have to develop a certain tendency to assume that the members of a group will always work for a common goal, so it is necessary to develop theTrust in the group before the application of this type of leadership.

Another disadvantage that is easily visible is that this leadership does not encourage competition for what can be demotivating for some people.


Research shows that transformational leadership is directly related to the collaborator’s commitment to the company, the scope of organizational goals, employee commitment and satisfaction with their work and their leader.

The development of transformational leadership can be beneficial for the scope of common objectives. However, this presents several disadvantages, which can affect the individual growth of people, since the sense of competition is cohif.

On the other hand, it is of transcendental importance that the leader has certain characteristics that allow himsay present as a model to follow.


Research shows that there is undoubtedly a direct and effective link between transformational leadership, motivation and commitment of human talent with the organization and objectives.

It can be stated that leadership is essential to guide organizations to comply with strategic goals and objectives. In the same way, it is important.

Transformational leadership, without a doubt it translates into followers, in a feeling of trust, because the leader being an individual with a charismatic, optimistic personality, with communicational skills and with great vision, knows the emotional needs of their collaborators the collaboratorsstimulates, and acts with the certainty that their efforts will be reflected in the improvement in performance, at the level of satisfaction of human talent, as well as the generation of consciousness and acceptance of purpose and the mission of the company and an indisputable improvementIn the scope of organizational goals.

The transformational leader values and cares about retaining the human resource, takes out the best, their skills, gifts and skills and motivates them to enhance these strengths and transform their weaknesses into learning opportunities, promote their development and growth. All these actions trigger in a shared vision, promotes cooperation and an adequate organizational environment.

For organizations, having motivated and committed personnel represents a great advantage over their competence, and a factor that will allow you to add value to your service. It is amazing to think that the choice of a good leader and the guide and direction that it provides to the group allows organizations to achieve better individual performance, achieving better collective results and consequently reaching business challenges. 

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